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Spring is in full effect and with that, there’s nothing better than changing your apartment to create a fresh, new feel.  ForRent.com has teamed up with Mandi from Vintage Revivals to “shed some light” on your space.  Mandi recently wrapped up an awesome thrifting series for the ForRent.com blog showing you how to mix old with new.

Now Vintage Revivals is giving away a custom-made, revived from the dead, schoolhouse light fixture! It’s the perfect example of how stylish it can be to remake older items into new treasures.

Mandi 5-2 final
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Mandi has a gift for finding the best items in any thrifting scenario, as seen in the blog about finding the perfect vintage piece for your apartment.  So you know that this handpicked piece will  add a unique flair to your space that will make everyone jealous!

To enter this awesome giveaway, simply tell us where you would put this custom light fixture in your apartment and like us on Facebook!  Enter to win today, good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Another HUGE thank you to Mandi from Vintage Revivals for this amazing thrifting piece!

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Hey, everybody! My name is Jason, and I contribute to this great blog, but when I'm not posting for ForRent.com, I like to play music with friends, cook, and travel as much as possible.


  1. Megan Elwell says:
    so want to win! I have been renting FOREVER and i’m always looking for fun ideas to personalize my space!
  2. Anita T says:
    I would hang this in my laundry room!
  3. Jes Nava says:
    Thanks for the fun giveaway! Awesome way to keep the blog fun.
  4. Elizabeth says:
    I would hang it in my guest bedroom because it would go perfectly with my vintage/eclectic theme!
  5. Stephani says:
    love this!
  6. i would hang this super awesome light in our living room. it’s a big room with not a very strong light in the middle of the ceiling, so the corners of the room don’t get a ton of light from it. love it!
  7. Karen L says:
    This light would be absolutely perfect in my daughter’s room.
  8. I love this piece. I am redoing my daughter’s bedroom and this would look great there!!
  9. Nichole Volbrecht says:
    My husband and I are moving into a new place in June and cannot wait to find the perfect place for this beautiful piece!!!!!
  10. over our breakfast table for sure!!
  11. In my bedroom 🙂
  12. MommaHen says:
    This would look super cute over my table in the breakfast nook. So fun, great transformation!!
  13. anissa (an) gooch says:
    in the kitchen
  14. I am redoing my living room in Coral, Gold and Navy and this would pretty much change my life!!! I NEED THIS!!!!!!!
  15. OMG. This would look AMAZING in my apartment. And the pink matches the dresser I painted as an entertainment center. 🙂 I’d hang it above my big puffy reading chair.
  16. Heather Hayes Panjon says:
    I’d Hang It In My Home Office!
  17. Love the light!
  18. Mechele Johnson says:
    This would be for our Entryway! Love it!!!!
  19. Alex Warren says:
    I would definitely hang this in our bedroom next to the bed in our new apartment we will be moving in too! Can’t wait to see who wins!


  20. I have no idea where I’d hang it, but I’m sure I could find somewhere fabulous!
  21. Heather L says:
    I would hang this in my daughter’s new “big girl” room! SO cute!!!
  22. Heather says:
    I have a little apartment and I am trying to make the second bedroom an office! This BRIGHT color would be the perfect touch!!
  23. definitely need this form my daughter’s room!
  24. Alex Warren says:
    I would definitely hang this next to our bed in our new apartment to read by! I can’t wait to see who wins!
  25. Stephanie says:
    I would hang this in my bedroom….so awesome!!!
  26. Jessica says:
    Just moved into a new apartment that magical piece of light will look fantastic in my bedroom hanging right over my bed, I can see it now!
  27. Aileen Bethers says:
    I would love to hang this over my kitchen sink … we’re in the process of finishing our remodel now and this would be perfect!
  28. Tracie B. says:
    I have the perfect place to hang this in my bedroom next to my reading chair! Fingers crossed! 🙂
  29. Brianna says:
    This would look absolutely perfect and 2 places in my “rented” home! Our little bathroom or my daughters room. Love it!
  30. Eunice Bárcenas says:
    I would love to put this in my dsughter’s nursery. Can’t wait to see who wins!
  31. This would be freaking amazing on my daughter’s room!
  32. This would look great in my dining room!
  33. Kristen says:
    This is perfect! I hope I win!
  34. Sarah M says:
    I love this!!! I would have a hard time deciding, but probably my guestroom or living room. It’s so cute!
  35. It would be perfect in my pool house! Thanks for the giveaway.
  36. Ailen Cortes Kenny says:
    I would hang this in my bedroom, next to my bed, where i have my books.
  37. Sarah S says:
    I would hang this in my office/craft space. Would really add some interest in the room!
  38. I NEED this light!! Like NEEEEEEEEDDDDD!!!!! I want it for over my sink! OMGSH! I NEED IT!
  39. Didn’t realize I was supposed to comment here! This lovely lamp would go above my knitting chair!
  40. Love it! I would hand that up in my entryway, it would look fabulous! Thanks for the giveaway chance! 🙂
  41. I’d hang it somewhere in my kitchen – over the table or the kitchen sink. Love it – thank you.
  42. I just made a custom headboard and I am searching for the perfect lighting. My blog shows what the headboard looks like and this light is so delicious and perfect. Mandi – you rock!!
  43. Mandi! That light is so delicious and cool. I just made a custom headboard and I have been trying to find the right lighting. The plug makes it perfect!
  44. What a great, unique piece! I’m always impressed with Mandi’s ideas.
  45. Over my kitchen sink! Every kitchen needs a little pink.
  46. i love this light!!!!!
  47. It would be PERFECT for my crafting nook I am working on.
  48. Sarah S says:
    I would love the hang this in my office/craft space. IT would add so much to the room!
  49. I need something pretty for my home that doesn’t feel like home even after years of living there 🙂
  50. I am redoing my bedroom now… all black and white with punches of colour. This light is just the “punch” I need!
  51. I would use this to replace my current chandelier.
  52. I would hang that beauty in my new apartment, in a poorly lit corner where I plan to create a cozy reading corner. Love it!
  53. love these!
  54. Leanne says:
    I’d put this in my living room for a shot of colour amongst all my white things (and hopefully after I’d be allowed to paint my place with white walls — hating the pinky taupe!!).
  55. Kathie Y says:
    We are in the beginning stages of building a home and would love to add this to one of the rooms.
  56. I LOVE LOVE LOVE, Mandi and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Light.. So I would totally LOVE LOVE LOVE to win 😉
  57. Very Cool-Could brighten up a corner.
  58. Lainey says:
    I am renting and am always looking for new things that are permanent to make the place more “mine”! I would hang this in my living room since it matches my decor perfectly!
  59. Okay I need this for my room that I am STILL working on form last years ERM that I didn’t win 🙁

    Pick me Pick me!!!! (both hands raised SUPER HIGH!)

  60. Hilary says:
    I would hang this over my new dining nook!
  61. Jessica Sievers says:
    I would put this in my craft room over my reading chair!!!
  62. I would hang this in my baby’s nursery!
  63. Taylor says:
    I would hang it in my home office! It’s perfect!
  64. This would look so great in our little library nook!
  65. It would absolutely be smack dab in the middle of my dining room!!!!!!!!! What a gorgeous fixture 🙂
  66. Liz B. says:
    I would hang this in my bedroom above my nightstand!
  67. Chantel says:
    I love the old schoolhouse lighting.
  68. Christa says:
    It would go in the nursery!!
  69. FREAKIN LOVE THIS. It would look amazing above my desk!! Thanks for the opportunity! xoxo
  70. Shana Smith says:
    I would hang this in the corner of my kitchen above my buffet.. Just so happens that I’ve used neons in that space:) Love this
  71. I would love to hang this over a an old schoolhouse desk that I found…at believe it or not….and old school house yard sale!
  72. I would hang this in my niece’s room!
  73. I have been searching for the perfect lamp for my apartment that is not hard-wired. This would go in my living room over my high-top table. Which would look beautiful next to my Tiffany blue walls and white wainscoting.
  74. Jennifer says:
    I would hang in my living room where I could see it EVERYDAY!!!! ❤ Mandi!!
  75. I would love this in my bedroom to use over my nightstand. Would go great with my new bedspread. Thanks for the opp!
  76. I’m working on a reading nook in my master bedroom right now and the accent colors for the room are pink and gold! I would definitely hang it in the nook, next to the reading chair.
  77. Liz Grant says:
    I would hang this light in the entryway of our FIRST HOUSE that we move into in five weeks. Fate, perhaps!?
  78. gwendolyn says:
    love it! thanks for the chance!
  79. I would love this for the office space I’m building in my closet… a cloffice, if you will 🙂 haha
  80. either over the kitchen sink, or laundry room, or master bathroom. thanks for the giveaway! love it!
  81. Oh I absolutely love this light! I totally need this in my apartment, it would be perfect in my room! Thanks for the chance to win!
  82. Massarra says:
    Dining room!
  83. Mariele F. says:
    Would love to win!
  84. Elizabeth G. says:
    I would hang it in my office. Thank you!
  85. This would look so amazing in my kitchen! I love everything Mandi does. She rocks my world!
  86. Hannah says:
    I would hang this in my bedroom!
  87. This would be PERFECT for my daughter’s bedroom remodel!!
  88. I’m redoing my kids’ room right now, and I think this light would look PERFECT in the room.
  89. I can’t even explain how perfect of a space I have for this beaut! But let me try… In my living room, making a statement, coordinating perfect with its surroundings, and the first thing you see when walking in the front door.
  90. I would hang this in our dining room!
  91. Hello, love the pendant! I would hang it in the corner of our living room and when I say living room I mean living space because its all the space we have..the hubs and I live in a tiny ~400 sq ft apt and there is only lighting on half of the room (the kitchen side) and the other side where our couch is suuuuuper dark. It’s the PERFECT color for what I’ve got goin on..
  92. Rhonda Strange says:
    Maybe over my kitchen sink, would be so cool!
  93. karen campanaro says:
    I’d hang it in my breakfast nook.
  94. Sherri says:
    Love, Love, Love this!!
    over kitchen table for sure.
  95. I would hang it over a bedside table!
    Im already gonig with some brass and coral accents-it would be PERFECT!
  96. I would hang this in my daughter’s room.
  97. JESSICA says:
    I am such a fan of vintage revivals! Would like to hang this above my dining table asap.
  98. I’ve been looking for a light to go over a small kitchen island and this one is just perfect! The coral/pink will work perfectly with my turquoise and yellow color scheme and I LOVE the touch of brass for pizzazz!
  99. Anna Violette says:
    I would hang it in our front entry way. We just started a remodel of our living, dining and kitchen so, we could decorate around it!
  100. I’m currently redoing my office and this would fit SO perfectly with the vibe!! Thanks for the giveaway!
  101. Marlene says:
    I will put this in my reading area. Thank you for this great giveaway.
  102. I would hang this over my “desk” in my home office – (a round pedestal table painted white).
  103. I would hang it in my dining room…. been looking for a great light to hang in there for years!
  104. Melanie says:
    Thanks for the opportunity. I would hang it over my bedside table, i just moved on Sunday and would be tickled pink to have this fabulous light fixture blessed by Mandi herself!!!
  105. What a great upcycled lamp! I would put it over the side table in the guest bedroom.
  106. This light is AMAZING. I’m not 100% sure where I’d hang it…but it would be somewhere prominent, that’s for sure!
  107. Love Mandi’s creations! My 9 year old daughter would LOVE this for her room.
  108. I would put this rockin awesome light in my office! I think it will be the next room on the chopping block in my house ;). Gorgeous Mandi! Thanks for rent!
  109. Venus Pascal says:
    I love to use it for my daughter’s reading nook, she’s such a pink girl. I love the lamp.
  110. Venus Pascal says:
    I love to use it for my reading nook. Every girl loves a pop of pink at least every once in awhile. I love the lamp.
  111. I’d love to hang it in the study/office I’m working on fixing up!
  112. This would look so amazing above my kitchen table. Soooo amazing.
  113. Love it! I would hang this light in my daughter’s bedroom.
  114. Love it! I would hang this lamp in my daughter’s bedroom.
  115. This is Amazing!!!
  116. Janean says:
    I would hang it in my daughters room! I love this!
  117. Mandi has done it yet again! She is so freaking amazing! This would be absolutely perfect above my antique pedestal dining room table!
  118. nataly carbonell says:
    My little office area in my bedroom 🙂
  119. nataly carbonell says:
    My little office area in my bedroom, it will look cute! 🙂
  120. Nataly Carbonell says:
    My bedroom, it will look amazing!
  121. Hooray!! I Love Mandy and that light!! I hope I win!!
  122. This will be for my daughter when she returns from living in London. She will have zilch to start up housekeeping as she gave up everything when she left.
  123. Bethany says:
    I would hang this in my laundry room. So pretty!
  124. hillary says:
    This would have to go in my daughters room or perhaps a bathroom. I adore the brass!
  125. I would hang this pendant above my kitchen table
  126. I have the perfect spot for this light!
  127. This would be perfect above our kitchen sink! Mandi is so clever!
  128. elizabeth says:
    home office!
  129. I need this in my living room!
  130. What an amazing upcycled fixture! I would love to hang it over my crafting table. Thanks for sponsoring this great giveaway!
  131. Jim Lipscomb says:
    Maybe over the dining room table
  132. I’d stick it in my craft room. It’s so hard to find interesting plug-in lights. Really awesome!
  133. Priscilla says:
    I would put this in a reading nook.
  134. I would definitely hang this in my living room. I want to see it lots every day!
  135. definitely over the kitchen table!
  136. Britt rimmele says:
    Would love this for our breakfast area!
  137. Rachel says:
    this is such a super cute light!! would look amazing in my daughters room. would love to win this!
  138. ladyee says:
    in my child’s room
  139. This would be perfect in my bedroom!
  140. I’d love this over my kitchen island. Love it!
  141. Alicia B says:
    I would love to hang it in my future craft room, the color is lovely!
    Thank you!
  142. Emma P says:
    I would hang this in my laundry room which I am dying to make over!!
  143. mamotts says:
    in kitchen area
  144. I’d love to hang this in my office!
  145. In my eating room please the one I have is falling out of the ceiling =(

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