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Ah friendships, beautiful aren’t they? Whether you met in high school in freshman P.E. or in college during freshman orientation, these are friendships that impacted your life. However, there are some pretty distinct differences between the best friends you made in high school compared to the friends you made in college.

Best friends in high school were the ones who went with you through those awkward phases of trying to figure who you were. They were there for that phase when you thought the more eyeliner, the better.

Best friends in college were the ones who got to experience you pursuing your passions because at this point, you knew who you were and what you wanted —minus all the eyeliner.

High school friends were the ones you had crazy sleep overs with where you played truth or dare and had intense dance parties.

College best friends are the ones that you found yourself getting an apartment with because you were becoming adults. Forget truth or dare, you were onto drinking wine and watching the Bachelor.

High school friends saw who you were, whereas college best friends see what you become.

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