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It’s Springtime, which means it is time to get outside and garden! Unfortunately, many renters face gardening challenges due to lack of outdoor space. Did you know that you can still garden in your apartment even if you live in a high rise? Besides looking pretty, making your apartment smell amazing and making your food taste delicious, you can learn a lot from growing an herb garden. Maybe it will inspire you to find your inner gardener! Today I’m going to teach you how to make a Mason Jar Herb Garden.

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Herbs are the perfect things to grow inside, and they add so much flavor to recipes. I try to use fresh herbs instead of dried whenever I can. When you place your herbs in a sunny kitchen window, they are always at your fingertips when you need to snip a few sprigs for a dish. To make your Mason Jar Herb Garden, you will need some Mason jars, rocks, soil and herbs. You can either use seeds or herb plants. I will be using herb plants.

First, place some rocks in the bottom of your Mason jars. Since the jars do not have holes for drainage, the rocks will help keep the roots from getting waterlogged. I used shells and glass stones instead of rocks because that is what I had on hand.

ForRent.com - Decorate with stones and shells.

Next, place some soil into the jar. For large jars, you will want to fill it up to the bottom of the rim. For the smaller jars, a tiny bit of soil will do because the plant’s root ball will take up most of the space.

ForRent.com - Fill the jar with soil before planting.

When choosing your herbs, purchase the plants that come in a 4-pack. The root balls of these plants are the perfect size for your Mason jar garden.

ForRent.com - Use plants that come in groups of 4.

Place your plant in the middle of the jar and back fill with soil.

ForRent.com - Place plants in middle of jar and then top with soil.

Place your Mason Jar Herb Garden in a sunny kitchen window or on your balcony keep the soil moist. Enjoy fresh herbs all season long!

ForRent.com - Try planting herbs for perfect apartment plants!

You don’t have to have outdoor space to enjoy the benefits of gardening! What types of container gardens have you planted? Let ForRent.com know in the comment section below! Get inspired and check out the rest of the gardening tips on the Apartment Living blog!


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  1. John Donovan says:
    This is a great solution for apartment dwellers. If you don’t have a little terrace they look great on a window sill and add a pop of color to your space. Plus, having fresh herbs within reach whenever you’re cooking means more delicious meals!

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