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Welcome back to the Rent Pretty Series. I’m Kelly from Here Comes the Sun and I’m so happy you’re joining me today as we talk about DIY Statement Pieces for your apartment.

300x300 button DIY Statement Pieces

When you walk into your rental apartment for the first time, you usually come face to face with a big expanse of white walls. To some, this is a decorating nightmare. For others, the walls present a welcomed challenge. How do you fill them up without breaking the bank? How do you make a statement on these walls?  Here are some DIY projects that I’ve used in my own home to tackle this decorating dilemma.

Subway Art

Subway art is a project that anyone can make at home. I adore subway art because you can customize it to absolutely any occasion. Think wedding song lyrics, birth announcement details, or your favorite cities. 

My sign hangs in our living room and is 2′ by 3′ tall.

DIY Statement Piece: Subway Art

Talk about a statement piece! I’ve had people ask me where I ordered it from and I happily replied “I made it”! If you have a computer, you can make this using a free program like PicMonkey. You can find the full details of how to make this Subway Art over on my blog.


Another one of my obsessions is chalkboards. I just can’t get enough of them. Like the subway art, they are something that you can personalize for any occasion. I turned a blank wall in our dining area into a chalkboard wall by using peel and stick vinyl.

DIY Statement Piece : Chalkboard Wall

The vinyl is easy to apply and peels right off when it’s time to move. The frame is made from thin molding and is attached with finishing nails in order to minimize wall damage. The bigger you make your chalkboard, the more impact it will have on the room.


If you are lucky enough to have a mantel in your apartment, decorate it. When decorated, it becomes a focal point in the room. I consider the entire mantel one big statement “piece”. Here are some of my favorite mantels I have put together over the past year.

DIY Statement Pieces for your apartment

If you have really high ceilings, consider purchasing a tall item to draw the eye up. I bought an old window for about $20 and have used it for the backdrop of all of the mantels above.

I’ll let you get started on some of those projects and I hope you’ll come back and join me next week when we take a look at Temporary Decorating Solutions.

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Hello! I’m Kelly, creator of the blog Here Comes the Sun. My husband and I owned a home for seven years. Two and a half years ago, a job transfer took us out of state and now we rent. I’m currently in the process of making over our rental one temporary solution at a time. DIY is my passion and I love to share the projects that I do and the tips that I find.  

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  1. I personally am a fan of antiques. But I really do like the subway art 🙂

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