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When I think of Valentine’s Day I always flash back to being a kid!  I go right back to elementary school to a class party filled with candy, cookies and the BIG Valentine card exchange.  Do you remember those sweet, fun and corny little cards we passed around every year to all of our friends?  The best part of the party was digging your hand around in your handmade card container (a cut open milk carton or a shoe box) to discover that someone made you a special Valentine.  Not the store bought card like everyone else received BUT a hand written note!  You would giggle, show your friends, then get out your pencil and “Check yes or No!”

ForRent Valentine Mugs

Thinking about those early love letters made me smile.  I think this will be a fun DIY project that will make you smile as well, especially when you are writing your Love Letter Valentine Mug!

ForRent Valentine Mug

I decided that I wanted to make a Valentine that felt nostalgic yet a bit more grown up.

I purchased two plain white coffee mugs and two Sharpie markers. I bought mine at Walmart, in the kitchen section and they were only $1 each.  You can also pick these up at Target as well.

ForRent Valentine Mugs

I decided that I wanted to write a love letter on my mugs and I wanted to be able to wash it off and change it each morning.  So for the week of Valentine’s I plan to write something new each day. Just use rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and the marker will come off easily.  If you want to make your mug love letter permanent then you will need to use the oil based Sharpie Paint pen.

Make it fun…add some chocolate kisses or candy hearts.  Maybe even set up your Love Letter Mug with hot cocoa or coffee.  Just remember, everyone always smiles when they get a love letter!

ForRent Valentine Mugs

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