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In the age of social media, we now have exciting new ways to exchange information. We understand text messages and wall posts, but what about “Comments?”

Comments are good! You just need to know how to use them to your advantage. This is the natural way people on Facebook communicate and interact. They communicate in a group fashion using comments, which pull in even more people. Unlike anonymous rating sites, people behave better when their own identities are visible. And if someone gets really inappropriate, you have the ability to delete their comment.

You’ve probably commented on a friend’s wall post about their fantastic vacation or added your note to a co-worker’s photo of the company picnic. Why? Well, it was easy and the comment is well-suited to short communications with very little effort. Let’s be honest, if the only way to provide feedback in these circumstances was via email, the comment you posted would likely have expired as a thought in your head.

With your listings being posted within the Marketplace on Facebook, commenting is a vital way for potential renters to engage with your listings. Today, customers want to connect on their terms – and comments are a key part of the equation. While our focus here is on prospects asking questions via the comments feature within your listings, this information can also apply to posts on all Facebook fan pages.

Why you should embrace comments on Marketplace on Facebook:
1. It’s a quick and expected communication method for potential renters to ask questions they may not have otherwise asked.
2. Just as links help your Google rankings, comments boost your ranking in the Facebook social graph.
3. Comments are not anonymous, only logged on users have the right to post a comment.
4. Social norms are inherently enforced when a person’s real profile is attached to their comment they are inclined to conduct themselves more responsibly.
5. This is your opportunity to engage others, as your answer is public and posted as part of your listing.
6. Comments are not a primary engagement route for potential renters, but an informal and incremental engagement opportunity.

How to manage listing comments:
1. A timely response is a must. In this smartphone world, we all expect a quick response. The good news is Facebook will email you when a comment is posted to your wall, and For Rent will do the same when a listing comment is posted. This saves you from having to check your pages throughout the day. You can easily respond using the link within the email.
2. Answer the question knowing it is public and that others will benefit by viewing your response. It becomes a great FAQ tool by already providing answers to common questions.
3. While spam is inherently limited, know that as the advertiser you can always delete inappropriate comments. This editorial power should be judiciously used. By allowing somewhat negative comments, it gives authenticity to your listing or page. Honestly addressing and fixing issues is actually a better way to build trust and credibility. But if you are dealing with a truly difficult person, you can ban them, which stops their posts completely.

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