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Some things you don’t want to be caught moving in without:

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  • An alarm clock.  Mom’s not around to wake you up for school anymore and you need to get to class on time!  Get one.
  • A computer.  You could probably make it through college without one, but it won’t be fun for you.  Laptops have gone down in prices a lot, just make sure you get one with all your requirements.
  • A good bathrobe.  You’ll be walking to a from the showers a lot, you’re gonna want good coverage, especially in co-ed halls.
  • Shower flip flops.  Trust me, you won’t want to touch that floor.
  • A small basket for shampoos, conditioners, and what not to carry to the showers.  It’s a good idea for it to be waterproof.
  • Hygienic materials.  Soap, shampoo, razor…  You know what you need.
  • Linens.  A lot of dorms require extra long twin sheets.  Check and see what yours needs and get on it!
  • Cleaning supplies.  Nothing crazy, some cleaning wipes, glass cleaner, and maybe a broom.
  • First aid stuff and medication.  Cold remedy, cough drops, band-aids, you’re going to need this stuff living in close quarters with so many people.
  • School supplies.  I love shopping for school supplies.  New pens, pencils, notebooks, scissors, you name it have fun with it.  You probably don’t need crayons anymore, but don’t forget a stapler.
  • Backpack.  You will be lugging a lot of books and a laptop around.  Make sure you get a bag that is comfortable and sturdy.
  • Books!
  • Laundry supplies.  Get a good laundry bag that’s easy to carry, laundry detergent, and fabric softener if you’re feeling pampered.

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Get the essentials and make yourself at home!

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Photos by:  debaj, Bright Ideas with Chan Udarbe, and rebeca_falcó on flickr.com

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