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Whether you think better in crowds, are looking for free Wi-Fi, or love having access to an unlimited supply of writer fuel — aka, coffee — finding the right hangout that is private, fun, and inspirational is the key to getting your best work done outside an office.

Here are four of the most famous and interesting coffee shops to write and work in the Los Angeles Area.

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1. Coffee Commissary
Burbank, CA

Shiny and modern with just a little twist of old-time flare, when it comes to a coffee shop for hunkering down with your laptop, it doesn’t get more famous than the Coffee Commissary. If you’re there to work, then you can enjoy the privacy and focus of a small shop with the luxuries and space of a large shop. By purposefully dividing up their layout to leave a quiet place for remote workers, they set things up for you to keep your head in the game without regular patrons getting in the way — though seating is limited. When you need that caffeine boost, choose from their signature selection of roasters, such as Sightglass Coffee, Victrola Coffee, and Coava Coffee. Match that with house-made salted caramel rice crispy bars and tea, and you’ll have the perfect fuel for typing away.

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2. Alfred Coffee & Kitchen
Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen is a hangout with a unique style. Between black and white tiles that play with your eyes and antlers that crawl the walls like vines, it’s certainly a spunky locale to provide inspiration during work hours. But while the decor catches the eye, this coffee shop writers’ haven has focus in mind. If you pop over to their secluded second floor, the staff knows that means business hours are active and you should be left to yourself. A famous hangout for former The Young and the Restless writer, this is a coffee shop tried and proven by other wordsmiths.

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3. Paper or Plastik Cafe
Los Angeles, CA

A little woodsy, a little modern, and a little hipster, Paper or Plastik Cafe is all about creating the best place to work and the most guilty-pleasure place to take a break. On the bottom floor, you’ll find unlimited access to sandwiches, sweets, salads, and, of course, coffee. Local writers swear by their Ecco Caffe and Coava. You can get a boost of caffeine and a little pick-me-up in the form of aptly named Sweets for the Soul, and then take to their second floor for a secluded, warm themed area to flip open your laptop and concentrate. To encourage the workaholics to tone it down a bit, their Wi-Fi is unavailable on the weekends.

4. Funnel Mill
Santa Monica, CA

A classy place for the writer, Funnel Mill is full of calm cream colors, flowing curtains, stylish bars, and plenty of cozy tables that offer privacy even from your neighbor. The flowing curtains serve to divide the shop, giving the impression of solitude, and high windows bathe the place in light, making it a calm and serene locale for when you need to take a breath and concentrate. Their biggest selling point is their wide range of teas, and if you’re looking for a pick-me-up, they have a long menu of coffees and cakes to choose from.



While you’re seeking out these top coffee shops’ money-saving free Wi-Fi, why not consider if a cable subscription is still worth the cost? And, if you’re looking for a new vibe, check out our apartment locator to find your perfect pad in the Los Angeles, CA, area.

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