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As I finish my third year of college I am noticing that all around me are under-classmen (and a few juniors and seniors as well) panicking because they are unprepared for the stresses of final exams. I’ve been there, so I know it’s easy to skip classes throughout the semester and just say, “I’ll study for that later when I have time.” However, these temporarily convenient excuses add up and eventually hit you all at once, at the end of the semester… but don’t lose hope! As a tried and true veteran of college finals, I have come up with a few surefire ways to get you through “crunch time.”

1) Study enough during the semester to alleviate the end of the semester panic to relearn (or learn for the first time) the material that is on a cumulative final.

2) Get a tutor in difficult classes well before the end of the semester. From personal experience as a tutor, it is frustrating to deal with students not knowing anything about the subject and then expecting a tutor to teach the course to you in a week.

3) Partying is great fun but try to avoid Jager Bombs for breakfast. An unbalanced breakfast will leave you more open to distractions and make your brain cells fly out of your ears.

4) Stop skipping classes and attend every single one at least for the last two weeks before exams start. This way you will catch any and all hints for the final exam; and hopefully you won’t forget what day and time it is being given.

Remember to breathe, eat something before you go, bring a jacket, and DON’T PANIC!
If you follow these tips, study like crazy, and show up for your exam – you should do just fine!

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  1. Apartments in Chicago IL says:
    These are good tips overall, and must be practiced throughout the year. I think students are better off doing these, even though it really is quite hard to follow religiously.

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