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For most people the holidays are a stressful time. Grueling traffic, long lines and overspending on gifts just doesn’t put many in the holiday spirit! So to help you avoid (or manage) the stress better, here are five tips:


  1. Be organized and know your spending limit. Create a check list to help you avoid any oversights or impulse buys. And remember what it felt like paying off last years bills, so don’t go overboard again this year! Expensive gifts won’t guarantee a happy holiday. Most people would be just as grateful for a moderately priced gift chosen with care (or even a handmade one made with love).


  1. Eat healthy and Exercise! Even though it’s the holidays, don’t keep the mindset of ‘it’s okay to eat this, it’s the holidays!’ Gaining an extra 10 lbs isn’t going to make anyone feel better. You can still hold onto your healthy eating habits throughout the holiday season and remember to put exercise into your holiday traditions! Get out with a family member and go for a walk. Keep in mind that exercise is always a great stress reliever!


  1. Keep your sanity with family! The holidays are a great opportunity to spend time with your relatives, but sometimes they can cause you additional stress. Not only are you entertaining a group of people, but if tension builds with your family it’ll make for an even more eventful holiday! So if you feel the atmosphere heating up, remove yourself from the situation until it clears. Also, be sure to include everyone in the plans so no one is left out and feelings aren’t hurt.


  1. Give yourself plenty of time when traveling. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the busiest traveling days of the year, both on the road and in the air. So realize that everyone else is trying to be with their family on the holiday, and be courteous of others. Tis the season to be Jolly!


  1. Be flexible. Try to keep an open mind this holiday season. No one’s Christmas has ever gone perfectly. Spills and squabbles are a part of the season, so don’t hold an unrealistic standard. Ask other people what they want to do and be willing to accommodate them. Take it all in and relax….have fun, it’s the holidays!


I hope these tips for dealing with holiday stress are helpful. I know I’m going to take them into account. Good Luck!



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