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Last year’s Super Bowl Winner Peyton Manning, quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, spoke to For Rent Media Solutions and the multifamily housing industry at the 2007 National Apartment Association Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas, NV. Peyton spoke on his success and accomplishments over the years that lead him to victory. He gave us all eight rules to follow for increased success, rules such as: ‘Enjoy the journey, not the destination‘, ‘Learn from your failures and quickly move on‘, ‘Trust those around you to do the job they are hired to do‘, and ‘Make it your time!’ Following his inspirational speech, For Rent Media Solutions went on to have its best producing year!

Will this be a trend to follow suit in 2008? Will another Manning win the Super Bowl, then speak to our staff and we’ll shatter records again? The Manning family has a lot of talent on the branches of its family tree, so the question in everyone’s mind is will Eli Manning beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl to bring home another victory? For Rent Media Solutions hopes that whatever the outcome of the game, our record will still stand at undefeated!

What are your thoughts?


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