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How does your city rank when it comes to being mobile savvy? ForRent.com pulled the top 10 cities that had mobile visits in 2012, and what we found may (or may not) surprise you!

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As a society, we are on the go more than ever so the way we receive our information is ever-changing to meet our demands. According to Nielson Wire, 74 percent of Americans ages 25-34 are proud owners of a Smartphone. In a recent poll we conducted on Facebook, an overwhelming amount of Smartphone users (73%) are using Android phones over iPhones. And you better believe we are doing more than just talking on our phones! In 2012, ForRent.com had over 15.8 million visits from mobile devices*. This is what we call a game-changer, and ForRent.com is changing the way renters are searching for their next home.

Renters are socially savvy- they know exactly what they are searching for, and they don’t want to wait to search.

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Using the ForRent.com mobile apps, you can view tons of property photos, videos and even the surrounding landscape and cityscape with our integrated augmented reality. No one knows the benefits of our mobile products better than the people living in our top 10 mobile markets.* Here are the top ten cities along with some fun facts about each area.

  1. LA-Tops both our list as well as the list for the Most Expensive Homes for Sale.
  2. Dallas- Appears home buyers flocked to this great city in early 2012, according to the quarterly report for second quarter.
  3. Chicago- According to our reports, Chicago is one of the three cities going green with improvements such as environmentally-conscious conservatories, museums, planetariums, galleries, zoos and aquariums
  4. New York- This fine city tops the list for beautiful parks for its famous Central Park with nearly 9,000 park benches to sit and watch the countless entertainers.
  5. Atlanta- Looks like renters flocked to this great city in early 2012, according to the quarterly rental report for our second quarter. And it’s no wonder why with plenty of opportunities for young, recent graduates to seek employment.
  6. San Fran- The Golden Gate Bridge isn’t all this city is known for; according to the Spooky Spaces Spooky Places report. San Francisco also has a haunted background with attractions like the Chambers Mansion. And with a median list price of a single family home for sale at a whopping $810,000, it’s no wonder why most would choose the option to rent in this city.
  7. Washington DC- In addition to be the nation’s capital, Washington DC also happens to be one of the best cities to celebrate the holiday season as well as being a big sports city with major teams like the NFL Redskins, MLB Nationals, NBA Wizards and NHL Capitals.
  8. Denver– You can live the life in Denver with over 200 parks including a 314 acre City Park and a large network of public community gardens, in addition to over 14,000 acres of mountain parks including Keystone Resort and Rocky Mountain National Park.
  9. Seattle- Another city known for its environmentally friendly efforts, Seattle’s city government is modifying roads, buildings, drainage systems, water systems, and improving general ecosystem health in anticipation of the environmental effects of climate change.
  10. Columbus- Their mix of cultures has earned Columbus the label of a “typical” American city. The area has been widely used by corporations as a test market for new products.

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Technology will always be striving to keep up with the demand of how consumers want to receive information. Those who thought the mobile movement was just a trend can now be satisfied with an overwhelming amount of data saying otherwise. Mobile is not just a trend; it’s a way of life.

How does our list of top 10 cities pair up with your guess? Did your city make it on to our list?



*Reporting pulled from Ominiture from January 2012- January 2013.

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