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Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate with family and friends. This is a day to feel grateful for all the good things in our lives. It’s also usually prime time for decorating our homes. However, when you are renting an apartment, celebration comes with its own guidelines. You need not spend a fortune to decorate your apartment for Thanksgiving Dinner. Here are some fun ideas to make your Thanksgiving a little more festive and fun without breaking the bank!

Wall Décor

Dinner tables get all the attention during these festivals; it is the time to brighten up the mundane walls with fun and quirky lines. A Cute quote on dollar store canvas is an easy DIY project, and adds a personal touch to your wall. Add natural styling such as autumn leaves, branches, and plants from your backyard to add to the festive element.

Gratitude Lantern

Remind your guests what the holiday is all about with this simple and sophisticated Gratitude Lantern. You can easily transform a lantern, Mason jar or a simple box into a Gratitude Box for Thanksgiving. Display it on the dinner table or the entryway for your friends and family and ask them to jot down their blessings on a piece of paper as a fun activity.

Mason Jar Fall Lights

These cute versions of fall lights will illuminate the joy and laughter on the Thanksgiving table. You can add wheat stalks, branches, and fall leaves for the festive display. Thanksgiving is all about love and togetherness. With these mason jars personalized DIY lights, you’ll bring that warmth and love to the table.

Pine Cone Décor

Thanksgiving is a gentle reminder that Christmas is around the corner, but keeping your place filled with fall decor like pine cones, pumpkins, and autumn leaves will keep this season the special separate one it is! Make your own DIY pine cone ornaments using thread, branches, or whatever else your imagination brings to play. Use mason jars as holders for fall leaves, too.

No table is complete without a centerpiece and last minute people — don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with Thanksgiving centrepiece ideas, too! With simple, fun, and quirky ideas, your apartment will be festive ready in no time.

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Nikita is an award winning Author and the owner and founder of Zero Dollar Décor. Making things a little prettier is her personal trait. She creates new out of old and believes homes should reflect the personalities, dreams, and beliefs of people living there.

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