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While I would love to hit up the specialty organization stores, my budget won’t really allow it. I found that you can find plenty of useable organizational items at your local dollar store, and save yourself a ton of money!

Today I am sharing where you can find the items at the dollar store, and how you can use them to get your home in order. Unless you are a person who has their home organized at all times, these tips are for you!

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-Three-ring binders: Keep important papers organized and stored neatly on shelves.
-Desk organizers: Great for desk drawers, but also useful for bathroom drawer as well.
-File folders: Store receipts or coupons neatly.


-Mason jars: What can’t you store in a mason jar?
-Zipper bags: Look for bags ranging in size from small sandwich bags up to bag large enough to hold blankets or sweaters.
-Spice and sugar jars: Decant your sugars and spices to keep your baking cabinet tidy.
-Plastic containers: Lidded containers are useful all over the home!
-Ice cube trays: Store tiny items, like earrings or buttons, in the individual compartments.
-Plastic cups: Keep Christmas ornaments from breaking in storage by placing each one it its own cup.

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-Bins: Whether fabric or plastic, bins are a great way to separate and organize items in your closet.
-Baskets: Baskets are a more decorative option than bins, making them perfect for use out in the open.
-Hooks: Add small adhesive hooks to the inside of cabinet doors to use up that wasted storage space.
-Small trash cans: Use these small cans to keep your recyclables organized and sorted.
-Drawer dividers: Great for organizing both your silverware drawers or to keep everyone’s toothbrushes separate.
-Zip ties: Cable management is much easier with color coded zip ties.
-Bungee cords: Prevent items in your storage unit from toppling over by securing them with bungees.
-Duct tape: If you can’t think of half a dozen ways to use duct tape off the top of your head, I can’t help you.

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-Glass bowls: Add a decorative bowl to your bedside or entryway table to have a safe place to stash keys, jewelry and more.
-Curtain rods: Add extra curtain rods to your closet to double your hanging space.


-Mesh bags: Smaller bags are great for wrangling children’s toys and puzzle pieces.
-Shoe storage: Over the door shoe storage is great for holding cleaning supplies.
-Garment bags: Keep off-season clothes organized in bags that keep them protected from dust and bugs.
-Hampers: Great for keeping clothes off the floor and for keeping sporting gear contained.

Dollar Store Storage Bins
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-Curtain rings: Thread a set of rings onto a hanger to make a quick scarf organizer.
-Shower caddies: Save space in your shower with an organizer that hangs over the shower head.
-Pill organizers: Keep your vitamins organized, or use them for earrings when you travel!


Do you have any fantastic tips for staying organized? We’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments below.

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