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The holidays draw to a close, and you realize just how many decorations you have and what little spare square footage is left. If you find yourself in this bind, it’s time for an organizational overhaul.

 Holiday Storage Tips

Chances are you lack closet space, especially if you live in an older apartment. Try reorganizing the current contents of your closet to find more space. Anything that doesn’t fit or is no longer your style, you can donate to a charity or give to a friend. When you have cleaned out your closet(s) and reorganized everything, but still do not have enough space for the nutcracker you got while studying abroad in Germany, it is time to get creative:

  • Another Closet Rod: If your closet has enough depth, you can add another rod behind or in front of your current rod. On the back rod, hang the clothes for next season or the items you wear infrequently.
  • Under Bed Storage: Use boxes or containers that will fit under your bed. Many department stores sell containers built for this space. You can also add height to your bed by putting risers under the frame.
  • Utilize bookshelves: Attractive containers such as baskets or fabric storage cubes fit nicely, and they can hold many objects without making your shelves look cluttered.
  • Your doors: You can optimize space in any room or closet with a door by getting over-the-door shelves and organizers.

It is also likely that you do not have a ton of spare cash lying around after the holidays; so if you can’t afford fancy stacking compartments and a label maker, utilize things you already have.

Egg Carton Storage

  • Newspaper or wrapping paper: You can wrap fragile goodies with this paper to prevent breakage over the next year.
  • Gift boxes: At many holiday gatherings gifts are exchanged. Save boxes that are strong enough to use for storage after the celebrations have passed.
  • Beer, wine or liquor cases: These boxes generally have compartments which allow you to sort decorations. The cardboard barriers also add an extra layer of protection.
  • Food containers: If possible, thoroughly wash and dry food containers, then pack away your objects. For example, roll up a strand of garland or streamers and store them in a pie tin with a lid.
Egg Carton photo by: craftgossip.com
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