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Not only is going green great for our environment, it can be a huge money saver as well!  So what are some simple ways apartment residents can do this?  It’s easy.


1.  Turn out the lights!  Every time you leave a room flip the switch.  Also, replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent energy-saving light bulbs.  Lighting is about 25% of your home’s energy consumption, and  with fluorescent lighting you save 75% of your electricity, have longer lasting light, and and the bulbs will generate less heat!

2.  Power down the electronics.  Even when idle, things like computers, TVs, and printers use power.  Be sure to power them off when not in use.

3.  Conserve your water!  Make sure your house has no leaks, and dishwashers are full when you run them.  Another good tip is to have a bucket catch water in your showers and use the water to flush toilets, or water plants.

4.  Forget about bottled water.  Use a home purification system like a Brita, or PUR and not only will you be saving yourself money, you will keep plastic waste out of the environment.

5.  Take the stairs!  This reduces elevator energy use, and gives you a good workout.

6.  Recycle.  Aluminum, plastic, paper, they are all recyclable!  So make sure to get a good use out of your recycling bins!

Photos:  Lancastrian, reteheng, nic0a4, and rickymulan on flickr.com

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  1. Ohio State Off Campus Housing says:
    I always make use of our leftover plastic mineral bottles. I use them as pots for my plants, do some decor projects and even reuse them for my cleaning products. This way I know I am able to help the environment.

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