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Whether you’re kayaking, rafting, or just enjoying a day at the beach, Southern California is known for its warm sunny days and perfect weather on the water. Most visit (or live) in the Golden State because of its golden opportunities and breath-taking views. So don’t miss out on all that California has to offer with regards to your favorite water sports too.

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With kayaking and rafting, you can achieve the best physical workout without ever feeling like you have broken a sweat, while filling your spirit and mind with the great outdoors. Below are a few of our favorite locations of the best kayaking and rafting.

1. UCLA Marina Aquatic Center

If you want all of the top water sports in one place, then the outstanding Marina Aquatic Center is the place to be. With kayaking classes, and rowing, sailing, and windsurfing opportunities, keep an eye out for harbor seal and dolphins as you enjoy a day on the ocean at its best.

2. Kayaks on the Water

If you don’t own your own kayak, then don’t worry; Kayaks on the Water is a company located in Long Beach, which allows customers to rent a kayak for a small fee. They offer a waterproof map and life jackets, so if you’re not a professional or don’t want to bring your own, you can still be safe as you’re having the time of your life. Here you can ramble through canals and glide through the Long Beach bay.

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3. Aqua Adventures

If ocean adventure is your gig, then this is the place for you. Aqua Adventures will rent you a kayak or a paddleboard and offer you more than a dozen guided tours as well. Because of the warm California weather, they’re able to offer year-around tours through the picturesque shores of Mission Bay and the Coronado Islands.

4. Sunset Kayak Rentals

Sunset Kayak Rentals is the most economical way to go for those that want a kayaking adventure without a huge hit to their budget. They provide life jackets, a triple kayak for when you want to bring your friends, and as an added bonus, you can enjoy a celebrity tour of million-dollar mansions.

5. Los Angeles Vida Laguna

With an abundance of marine life, which includes native fish, dolphins, and sea lions, ocean kayak tours will glide you to interesting tide pools or offer you surf lessons. The Los Angeles Vida Laguna tour company is your place to visit as they have all that you are looking for in your California adventures.

6. Newport Aquatic Center

The Newport Aquatic Center is located within the Newport Beach Back Bay with its natural estuary, which is a known nesting ground for thousands of native and migrating birds. This is the place to visit if you’re into natural waterfowl. If paddle boarding is more to your liking, they also offer the opportunity to try it out.

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7. China Cove Kayak Adventures

If you are not into going it alone, China Cove Kayak Adventures, located in Balboa, with its beautifully guided tours is just the place for you. If you’re not sure of the area or your skill level, you will want to look into booking a gig with them.

8. Kern River Rafting

Located in the Sequoia National Forest, along the Kern River, Kern River guides will take you on day excursions or a multi-day wilderness trip on raging rapids. Enjoy hiking or biking in the beautiful scenery of the Kern River Valley, when you are not rafting the mighty and beautiful Kern River.

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Whitewater rafting and kayaking is the next hottest thrilling sport of the adventurer and the fuel that keeps you coming back for more and more. If you’re headed to Southern California, or looking to leave your apartment for some fresh air and adventure, these are the places to go and experience. Many offer day trips or overnight adventures experiences.



However, each will require you to make certain that you have your camera at hand and plenty of space in your next vacation photo album. It can be a physically straining sport, to battle the white waters of ferocious rivers and the easy surf of the mighty Pacific Ocean, so make sure you’re ready for the challenges involved by getting into easy and fast shape so you’re more than ready. With Fitness in Your Apartment: Leg Workout, you can plan ahead for your next great California adventure.

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