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Animals’ roles in a household have changed dramatically from providing services to the owner’s family to now becoming a staple in the family dynamics.  And it’s been headed in this direction for awhile; consumers have started to spend a great deal of money for items such as clothing for their pets!  Plus, when you toss in a holiday to the mix the appeal is even more overwhelming!  This may come as no surprise to you, but the market for pet costumes is quite large. Just Googling the term ‘pet costumes’ pulls an array of websites ready to cater your every desire to dress your feline or canine in the most subtle or outrageous outfits.

Rohan in a dog costume
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I myself am guilty. I have bought my dog a Halloween costume in the past and this year his tuxedo collar is serving as his elegant costume. But if you see the picture left, you’ll see what a friend of mine has done to her family Fido. He’s in a pumpkin costume!  Or take a look on the rigt below at what my brother had his dog be last year…..a LOBSTER!

Going into an animal retail chain you’ll be surprised by the quantity of Halloween costumes available. There are Yoda costumes, Inmate costumes, various insects, Superheroes, as well as the traditional scary witches and Dracula costumes.   The ideas are infinite and there is a market where consumers will pay for them (as evident by my purchasing habits)!!!

Max in Pet costume for Halloween
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So going back to the true point of this article, pets have essentially become members of our families.  They’ve gone from protecting us and aiding us in our daily tasks to now becoming a closer companion than many would have imagined.  Why this very morning when listening to the radio I heard a story of a woman and her husband divorcing. The only thing they have disagreed on, and are now going to court for, is who gets the dog!! That’s how deep our bonds with our pets have grown! So trust me when I say that I realize looking for an apartment that accepts pets isn’t a ‘nice to have’ option, it’s a MUST HAVE option!  That’s why ForRent.com gives you the capability to narrow down apartments for rent based on pet-friendly apartments.

And just think this year when you greet Halloween Trick or Treaters, you can have your pet greet them too! Dressed to the Nine!!

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  1. o yea,

    i bought a ton of clothes for my dog, he is like part of my family


  1. Lori says:
    pet friendly rentals florida…

    Definitely news worthy. I am going to link to you in my blog….

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