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As a dog lover, you probably love all dogs. But if you had to choose, my guess is that big dogs are nearest and dearest to your heart. What denotes a “big” dog? Ask yourself this question: “In a crisis, could I ride him?” If yes, that’s a big dog. Or try this less dire qualifier: When you hug the dog, if your hands just barely touch each other, you’re working with a big dog.

However, if you live in Los Angeles or any other big city, apartment living is the only affordable option (unless you are the inventor of kale). This creates some challenges for having a big dog.

Challenge #1: Your apartment allows all dogs, but there is no backyard.

All in all, this is a pretty manageable challenge. You can make sure your active big dog gets a lot of exercise by taking it to the dog park or on long walks. If you work full-time, there are many dog-walking companies that make it easy to ensure your Marmaduke gets plenty of fresh air. Wag is great! Alternatively, you can get a breed that is less active. Animal Planet suggests a bullmastiff or a clumber spaniel. Check with your vet to make sure your apartment is conducive for your big-dog breed.

Challenge #2: Your apartment allows dogs but with a weight limit.

After you throw a small tantrum about how it’s not fair for apartment managers to discriminate like that, take a breath and move on to Plan B! Get a smaller dog with a big-dog personality. The AKC has a lot of suggestions for apartment dogs with fun personalities, like Boston terriers, beagles, dachshunds, etc., but a favorite is the French bulldog. This little guy will “protect” you with the best of them and will meet the 40-pounds-or-less weight requirement.

Challenge #3: Your apartment does not allow dogs.

Move. Kidding (sort of). We’re down, but we’re not out. There are plenty of ways for you to get in some quality time with big dogs. You can volunteer at your local dog shelter; www.PetFinder.com is a good resource, or Google shelters in your local area. You can also dogsit or dogwalk your friends’ dogs, or if you’d like to make some extra cash, you can sign up for DogVacay.com.

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