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Container gardening is a fantastic option for those living in an apartment; especially those who do not have a yard. It can be fun to grow fresh herbs that you can use in cooking. Here are some terrific tips for getting started:

  • Make sure containers have good drainage holes and that the containers are large enough to accommodate the plants you choose to grow.
  • Most plants will need a window that gets at least five hours of sunlight a day, which is usually a south or west window. Watch out for drafts, and avoid placing near radiators.
  • Use a soil mixture that includes two parts potting soil to one part sand for good drainage.
  • Start with herbs that are easy to grow, such as chives, parsley, basil, thyme, mint and rosemary.
  • Be careful not to over water. Herbs don’t do well in really wet soil.
  • Make sure to let herbs grow a bit before harvesting them to use in cooking.

With just a little bit of time and care you will have a nice, indoor herb garden. Container gardening can provide you with the satisfaction of an outdoor garden without a lot of the hassle.

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