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While the holiday season is one of the most treasured times of year (it certainly is for me), it can also be one of the most wasteful times of the year. Think about it, gifts being purchased that may not ever be used, holiday cards bought, the colossal gift wrapping options and of course our beloved holiday lights!! It really appears to not be the most energy efficient season and we at ForRent.com want to help you ‘go green’ all year long. So we’ve provided you with a couple of environmentally-friendly ideas for you to incorporate this holiday season.

With the advancement in technology we are now able to send a massive amount of greetings via email. Now I, much like my grandmother and great grandmother, would prefer doing the more meaningful option of sitting down and hand writing little notes to each of my 20 family members, but I realize that isn’t always convenient. So this year I am going to email a majority of my holiday cards (sorry, gotta send grandma and great grandma the personalized card…its tradition). Not only will that save me time and money (a lot of E-cards are FREE), but it will also help reduce the amount of paper I would be using during the holidays, which brings me to my next topic of discussion…..

GREEN Gift Wrapping:
No, I’m not just talking about the color! I’m talking about the reusable, recycled paper. You can find a vast amount of stores and websites (amazon.com for example) that sell recycled material for packaging options. There are large rolls of brown recycled paper for wrapping gifts or bags for your hard to wrap gifts. While they may not be the most attractive or holiday themed, they allow for much more creativity! Get your markers, colored pencils, stamps, paint, whatever and start decorating! Getting the kids involved would also be a bonus gift for the relatives. Something they most certainly will cherish!

Holiday Lights Get a Makeover:
In case you didn’t know, and I didn’t, there is an option for holiday lights that is much more energy efficient. As you know with my previous tips, I am an advocate in shutting off appliances (or anything plugged in) while its not in use. Having strings of lights plugged in throughout the night for 25 days can be quite costly, not to mention wasteful.  Solar lights are the solution! They are charged during the day from the sun, automatically turn on and run continuously through the night. You just need to place them in areas where they will receive direct sunlight so they can charge. Most do require rechargeable batteries which are powered through the day and can last for up to 12 months!! While the solar lights are out numbered by the more traditional lighting methods, they are growing as the trend for ‘going green’ continues.

So there you are, some quick tips for choosing an eco-friendly holiday season. If we’ve left any out, please share! Waste not, want not was what my mother always said!!

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  1. Suzanne Holt says:
    Free e-cards? What a great idea that I have never thought of! I’m sure when the holidays are over Christmas cards just get thrown away anyway. With e-cards you can let those special people know that you are thinking of them without the waste of money and paper! Thanks for the great idea!

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