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We often feel that we need to go overboard with the holiday season in order to show how much we care. Decorations need to be plentiful; gifts need to be expensive, etc. It’s no wonder so many are going into debt during the holiday season!


If you’re like me and hate the idea of going broke in the next few weeks, take a look at some of these ‘frugal’ tips to help you with the added expenses.


Reducing, reusing and recycling are definitely the motto here. If you don’t like the idea of re-gifting because you think it’s impersonal or tacky, just think of it like this: you have received a gift that is not your taste (a glass vase for example), however your best friend LOVES vases and would kill to have the ‘stunning’ piece you’ve received. Should you really keep the gift in a box to collect dust or should you give your friend joy by offering it to her? Other economical gifts would be to make coupon books for your loved ones. Include activities such as breakfast in bed, dog walking, shoulder/foot massages, etc. Everyone gets what they want!! And while you are already shopping for extra groceries during this time of year, why not pick up a couple extras of what you’re buying to make a holiday gift basket. For example, a baking basket can include, cake mix, spatula, vegetable oil, icing and a $5 gift card to your local grocery store for items such as milk and eggs-total cost less than $20!


You could also reuse some items for your holiday parties this year. Instead of purchasing something for everyone, play secret Santa or holiday gift exchange. That way you’ll save money not buying multiple gifts and everyone can dedicate more effort into getting one person a gift they’ll like. Another idea that is more of a multifunctional party idea is a gift wrapping party. Have each person bring wrapping supplies (i.e. gift wrap, tape, ribbons, etc.) and let the conversation flow while whittling down your checklist. (You could also have it be a pot-luck so everyone can eat while working!)


Decorating your home doesn’t have to be costly either. There are many inexpensive ideas you can use to add holiday spirit. Just check out our blog ‘Cheap and Easy ways to add Christmas Spirit to your Apartment’.


Here’s wishing you and me a debt free holiday season this year!!

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