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If you thought moving to a new city or even just finding a new apartment across town was stressful, try finding a new roommate. It could be one of the most miserable and traumatic experiences you’ll ever have to overcome.

While sites like Craigslist have made the process of quickly finding a roommate a little less stressful, it still hasn’t completely solved the issue of filtering out the candidates you would dread living with.

Thankfully, you can turn to the following apps, websites, tips and tricks when searching for the ideal roommate.

Apps and Websites

Besides Craigslist, there are plenty of apps and websites specifically designed to help you find a new roommate.

This free app is kind of like Tinder; you can browse through the profiles of potential roommates to find the perfect one based on interests, values and lifestyles. There’s also a built-in chat feature so you can actually talk to the person to break the ice before meeting them. The only downside is that Roomi is currently only available in New York and San Francisco.

Specifically designed for college students, Roomsurf prevents those horrifying dorm assignments from happening. Just enter your college network, create a profile and establish your criteria. You’ll also have to complete a survey that will be used to help find a compatible roommate.

Operating in more than 37 countries around the world, EasyRoomate claims to be the largest roommate finding site focused on matching potential roommates. You can post a free ad and narrow down your favorite renters based on variables like gender.

Founded in 2003, Roomster is now available in 192 countries. What’s appealing about this site is that you can search for apartments based on their size, amenities and budget. When an interested renter spots your home or apartment, he or she can can contact you through the convenient contact button underneath the description.

When creating a profile on roomiematch, you’re first asked if you’re looking for new roommates in your current city or if you’re looking for a new place and new roommates. You then enter your location and complete a sophisticated survey that is read by actual human beings to help you discover the best match possible and prevent scammers from ruining your search.

Tips and Tricks

Whether you’re relying on a roommate-finding app or website, or going out in the real world looking for roommates, here are a couple of pointers for making sure you find someone you can co-exist with.

Tap Into Your Existing Networks
The apps and websites listed above are great, but there’s nothing like getting a referral from someone you know and trust. They could have a cousin or coworker who just moved out of their apartment.

If no one in your inner circle needs a place to crash or knows of anyone, you can ask your contacts on social media for help. For example, ask your friends on Facebook to share your post. One of their friends may be in need of a new home.

Still stuck? If you’re a recent college grad, you can turn to your college alumni network. Contact the coordinator and ask if he or she can mention that you’re seeking a roommate in the next newsletter or on social media channels. Speaking of college, you could also get in touch with your fraternity or sorority.

Think Like a Dating Site
When you get down to it, finding a roommate is very similar to finding a romantic partner. In both cases, you have to be compatible with the other person based on your personalities, interests and habits. If you have to get up at 5 a.m. for work, for example, and a potential roommate is in a rock band that practices in the apartment until midnight, that’s not exactly a great match.

Just like looking for a partner, you should be asking the right questions to get to better know your future roommate. Does his or her interests and lifestyle gel with yours? Does he or she have a consistent source of income? Someone bouncing around jobs may not be dependable enough to pay a share of rent — even if you really like him or her as an individual. When narrowing down your selection, you have to take into account the whole package and not just the parts you like.

Interview the Candidate Multiple Times
It’s stressful when you know this month’s rent is coming up and you still haven’t found a roommate. Don’t rush the process just because you’re worried about money. You want to interview several candidates and then meet with the ones you prefer several times after the initial meeting — even if you just meet up for a cup of coffee. This gives you the opportunity to get to know them better to make sure they’re a good fit.

Be Up-front
You need to be up-front about how much they’re expected to pay each month. You don’t want them to move in expecting they’re only paying $800 per month and then you hit them up for an electric or cable bill. Even if it’s not down to the penny, they should have an estimated monthly cost.

Do Some Investigating
You don’t have to do a background check, but you should ask for references or check out their Facebook or Twitter profile. This will clue you in on whether or not they are trustworthy or compatible as a roommate.

Finally, when you do find that perfect roomie, don’t forget to ink your agreement. Having him or her sign a lease protects your roommate decides to move out and leave you hanging.

And, once you and your roommate get settled, you can bond over a little elbow grease when you spice up your apartment by hanging floating shelves and decorating the bathroom.

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