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Renting an apartment usually means that holes in the wall are not allowed. That being said, there are many renter-friendly ways to hang things on your wall using things like command hooks, velcro, tape, and sticky putty. But sometimes holes are unavoidable and is the easiest way to hang your favorite piece of artwork or a cool mirror you just bought is by drilling a hole in the wall and using nails or screws. Before you go ahead and start drilling away, you might want to do a little looking into where the best place to drill really is. There’s no easier way to lose your deposit than ripping through the drywall. Here are some things you need to know before you go ahead and hang up something in your apartment.


Get the tools you’ll need

There are a few tool that you’re going to want to purchase or borrow before you begin this whole process:

Stud Finder – No, we’re not talking about finding your ideal man. We’re talking about finding an important part of your new apartment that supports the framework of your home and how your drywall is attached —also know as a stud. A stud finder will help you find a stud so that you can easily and securely drill a hole in the wall, without having to drill multiple holes.

Laser Level – A laser level will find an even line for your to line your decor or shelving up with. This way you can stand back and admire your work without any added stress. You technically don’t even need someone to help tell you if it’s even.

Electric Drill – This is a much better way to hang up your desired item than the old screwdriver. You’ll get better and more accurate results in half the time. Once you start using this bad boy, you’ll never want to go back to your old ways.

For more tools that would make any project around the house easier check out this list of tools every apartment dweller should own.

Ask a friend to come over to help

Even with a level, you should consider asking a trustworthy friend to come over and help you with the whole process. That way you’ll have an extra pair of eyes to check if your piece is straight and of course to have a little fun! If you’re trying to hang a piece that is heavier, it may be helpful to have a stronger friend help you out —just in case. Nothing is worse than dropping and breaking something that really brings the room together. They can also give you advice of where to hang it in the first place, especially if you’re having doubts.

It’s one thing to rent an apartment, but it’s a completely different thing to make it a home. Take the time to surround yourself with things that make you happy (and that will keep your property manager happy too!) Don’t put unnecessary holes in the wall and be sure to read your lease all the way through to make sure holes in the wall are okay. There are so many out of the box ways to decorate your apartment with art, pictures, shelving or anything else you can dream up! The first step is finding a project you love and the second is just going going for it!

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