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Is there anything more frustrating than being fully engaged with an episode on Netflix only to have the video start to buffer? So aggravating! If your Wi-Fi signal is being unreliable, there are a few ways you can get a stronger Wi-Fi connection in your apartment.

Find the Best Place for Your Router

Half of the battle for Wi-Fi signal involves proper positioning of the router. Chances are you have your router tucked away somewhere out of sight, but that’s not good for your Wi-Fi signal. The ideal location for your Wi-Fi router is on a higher shelf or table in the center of your apartment. By positioning the router in the middle of your place, it has the ability to reach all corners of your rental much more easily.

Don’t Hide the Router

Hiding your router may seem like a good idea aesthetically, but it can limit the reach of your router. If you really feel like the router is ruining your apartment’s decor, place a few photo frames around it, being sure to leave at least 3 inches around the router on all sides.

Keep Your Router Out of the Kitchen

When you are finding the optimal spot for your router, you should make sure to keep it away from the microwave or metal appliances. The microwave will literally absorb the Wi-Fi signal every time you run it, as will any large metal appliances such as your oven or fridge.

Use the Best Wireless Channel

If you ever used walkie-talkies as a kid, you know the importance of using a clear channel. The same principle applies to Wi-Fi channels. There are ways to determine which Wi-Fi channel in your complex is the best for your apartment. This Lifehacker article will show you how to do this.

Keep Your Wi-Fi Signal Secure

Your wireless speed is going to slow way down if other renters in your complex are piggybacking on your Wi-Fi signal. You should take steps to secure your signal, both to improve your speed and to protect your privacy. Check out this article from ForRent to find out how to maximize your Wi-Fi security.

Get a New Router

If all of the steps above don’t help to improve your connection, it may be time to find a new router. Older equipment does not function as well, so call up your ISP and see if you qualify for a free upgrade. If not, you can always buy your own router to use in your apartment. The ForRent article I mentioned in the previous tip has more information about the kind of router to purchase.

I hope these tips help you to get the best possible Wi-Fi signal in your apartment! Never let spotty Wi-Fi ruin another good Netflix marathon again!

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