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You’re in college living on your own now, and you are responsible for cleaning your room. As crazy as it might sound, your room isn’t going to clean itself. Have you started to notice your floor is slowly disappearing, and your trash can is shrinking? If so, there is definitely something you can do about this without having to call in mommy dearest. Follow these tips to keep your dorm room smelling fresh and looking clean:

Before you start your cleaning, create a schedule, which is a great way to help you stay organized. You don’t want to feel overwhelmed by cleaning your entire room at once. If you have roommates, be sure to include them on the schedule as well, so they can help out with the common area of your room.

These next three items are essential when it comes to cleaning. Invest in a vacuum cleaner, duster, and air freshener. The vacuum can be used on any floor surface, your duster will keep those unhealthy dust bunnies away, and the air freshener will have your guests feeling right at home.

Next, stay organized by actually using your closet. If you do not have a closet, a portable storage closet will work just fine. In addition to using your closet, purchase a few under-bed storage bins to keep your clothes and other items tucked away.

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When it comes to trashcans and clothes hampers, go big. If you haven’t already realized it, you will soon find out that the office-size trash can and miniature clothes hamper just won’t cut it. Garbage and clothes pile up way too fast to keep up with your busy class schedule. Purchase an oversized trashcan and hamper, and you will definitely have a neater room.

Last, but certainly not least, make your bed every day! This is the easiest way to keep your room looking clean. Add this one simple task into your daily routine and you will find that your room can go from messy to moderately neat in just a few seconds.

How is keeping your dorm room clean going for you? Follow these few tips and your room will stay cleaner a lot longer, and your chores won’t feel as stressful and time consuming. Remember, a clean room equals a clear mind.

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