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When it comes to organizing cramped spaces, we suggest you go high. Think of crowded cities and their skyscrapers. Basically, you will want to keep one word in mind when considering DIY projects for your small apartment: layers. This layered tray is a great example. I made this for storing the odds and ends I typically grab or shed upon coming home or when I’m about to head out. Not only does it save me some precious surface space, it is also a very cheap project. Depending on the materials you get, it can be a great recycling DIY, too.

To make your own layered tray, you will need only trays in different sizes, cardboard tube, industrial glue and spray paint.To make your own layered tray, you will need only trays in different sizes, cardboard tube, industrial glue and spray paint.

You can get lovely trays from the flea market or the dollar store. Finding old ones that could use a new lease on life would be a fantastic idea. As for the cardboard tube, you can use one that comes with rolls of wallpaper. A trusty mailer tube would do, too. Don’t worry if you can’t find a decent cardboard tube for this project. Your alternatives include candlesticks, wooden dowels, metal pipes and long-stem champagne glasses.

As you can see, my trays came in two sizes. For both aesthetic and practical reasons, I suggest having a smaller tray for the top layer. I also divided the cardboard tube into two sizes. The longer one is for connecting the bottom and middle tray while the shorter one is for the top tray. I spray-painted mine in a light color for a bit of priming.

Once you have your materials ready, you can begin assembling your DIY layered tray. Begin by dabbing a good amount of glue onto your tube and attaching said tube to the bottom of one of the bigger trays. Make sure you glue this tube onto the bottom center of the tray. Continue until you have a good layered look, with two large bottom and middle trays and a smaller top tray.

Let dry for at least six hours.

When your trays are no longer wobbling, it’s time to give them a nice spray-paint treatment. You will want to do this in a well-ventilated area. It might be best to first ask your property manager where you can do small DIY projects.

Spray-paint your layered tray in a color that you like. Make sure you don’t skip the bottom sections of each tray. Two layers of paint should be perfect for this project.

You let your new layered storage dry about an hour or so. Once you’re satisfied with the look, place it on top of your entryway console table.

Congratulations! You just made yourself a new “odds and ends” depository! It will be the perfect spot for house keys, your wristwatch and coin purse. Use it to store Post-its and pens for leaving notes to your roommates. You can also use this layered tray for organizing the vanity in your bedroom. Apart from inexpensive trays, there are also many other unique items you can use for fantastic home organization. Most of them will work in layers, too.

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