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10 Easy Ways to Make Friends in College

  • Befriend your roommate/ neighbors.
  • Speak to everyone you see (If you are shy, just start-off by saying hi).
  • Go to campus activities.
  • Join campus clubs and organizations.
  • Study with classmates outside of class.
  • Hang out in public areas on campus (such as your building’s community room).
  • Sit with new people at your school cafeteria.
  • Go to gym classes at your campus’ recreation center.
  • Add people that go to your school on Facebook.
  • Does your school have a mentor program for underclassmen? If so join the program! Not only will you have an appointed friend that wants to help you adapt to campus life, but you can also meet their friends.


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  1. Facebook is a great way of networking and making even better friends with people you might already know. For people you don’t know try some of the friends sites such as make friends online or http://www.drinkingpartners.com. Believe it or not studying in the library in groups also worked for me, and project class work helped. The best thing is to go to student night outs quickly, so maybe just ask your people in your class if they fancy going or if you can join them.
  2. how to get friends says:
    Some good tips, but important to realize that you can’t just be friendly, say hello and expect to make friends over night. You have to do it regularly, and also try to make small talk as much as possible – that way you will get invited to parties.

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