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Need something to spice up your room? Make your own mini fish tank! Creating a mini fish tank is a creative project that can make all the difference in your space. Not only will the tank be a beautiful touch to your room, but you’ll gain a new pet that won’t require much attention. According to my Snapple bottle top, “gold fish have an attention span of three seconds”, so after three seconds carry along with your day, as they will carry along with theirs.

Not only are personalized mini tanks wonderful for your home, but they make great additions to office spaces as well! Below are details to creating your mini fish tanks!

Select a Glass Bowl. Visit a local arts and craft store; you can find bowls of all different shapes and sizes. Be unique; select a bowl that will give your space some pizzazz!

Decorating. Decorating the inside of your bowl is the most important step. Think about what type of color scheme you’re going for. At this time of year a warm autumn color scheme would be beautiful. But hey, it’s your bowl so choose what you like!

  • Marbles/Rocks: Choose marbles, rocks, or stones that go with your theme. For example for my autumn theme I choose shades of different dark oranges, similar to the aquarium in the picture on the right.
  • Flowers/ Plants: Choose flowers that compliment your color scheme. Also make sure not to overload your tank so that “fishy” will be able to breathe. I would suggest purchasing fake flowers and or plants to put inside your aquarium, the longevity is great!
  • Exterior Décor: If you still want more décor feel free to throw a ribbon around the bowl to finish it off.

Find Your Friend. I prefer betta fish because they last forever! Male bettas are gorgeous, ranging in colors of blue, purple, red, and yellow. Wal-Mart as well as Pet Stores sell beta fish.

Now, its time to get to the store and get started, have fun with your projects!

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