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Tiffany Current is the author of “How to Move in with Your Boyfriend (and Not Break Up with Him).” Recently we caught up with Tiffany, and she gave us the low down on moving in with your significant other…

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After years, months or mere milliseconds, you’ve decided to take the plunge and move in together.  First, congratulations.  Second, hold off on calling for that U-Haul just yet.  You two have a lot to discuss before getting on the road to live-in bliss.

1) The Motive
People move in together for different reasons.  While you may be doing it as a trial run for marriage, your significant other may just want to escape from a sketchy roommate.  So talk about why you’re shacking up beforehand to make sure you’re on the same page.

2) Bad Habits
You may not think leaving smelly socks all over the floor is a big deal, but your partner may disagree.  So lay all your bad habits on the table ASAP.  It will help you determine which habits can be lived with and which need to be worked on — before the big move.

3) My Place or Yours
We all have wants and needs when it comes to where we live (i.e., two bedrooms, pet-friendly, walking distance to Bloomingdales).  And your priorities may be completely different than your significant other’s.  So compromise on an apartment you can both live with — or rather, live in.

4) Money Talks
Money can make or break your relationship.  So plan how you’ll be splitting the rent, bills and that HBO subscription in advance.  Remember, not everything has to be divided 50/50 (especially if you’re making CEO money and your partner’s making IOU money).  So come up with a solution that’s fair for both of you.

5) Domestic Duties
Mary Poppins won’t magically appear and clean your apartment.  You’ll have to do it yourselves.  Make sure to discuss your domestic expectations now, before that pile of dirty dishes causes problems in your kitchen and your relationship.

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(image taken from Datingish blog)

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All these topics and more are discussed in Tiffany Current’s book, “How to Move in with Your Boyfriend (and Not Break Up with Him).”  This humorous, how-to guide for surviving your live-in relationship is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and moveinyourboyfriend.com.

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  1. Brian Morris says:
    put the toilet seat down
  2. looveedd this, i’m moving in with my boyfriend in the near future and these are great talking pointsss
  3. Really this book should be called ‘ how to move in with your significant other…..’
    These rules apply to all couples.
    I am fortunate that my girl and I have gone through all of these steps before we move in together this May. They are excellent tips!
    • Hi Julie!
      We agree! Love all of these fun tips… and they are applicable to all couples!
      Congrats on moving in with your lady, and thanks for leaving your feedback. 🙂

  4. I just moved in with music really good friend that became my boyfriend. I just found out I’m pregnant February 25th Timbuktu 2 weeks 3. and more articles like this could be used to her recent females that need a little inspirational courage between your relationships with their friend or even their best friend. thank you this helps me out a lot. sincerely Danielle Adams
  5. How do you get him to want to move in?

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