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Now that you’ve moved into your new apartment, it’s time to party! Invite your friends over for game night, have a dance party or a movie marathon. But before you even think about getting into that, you may want to noise proof your apartment. Even if you’re just channel surfing or doing laundry, sound travels fast and can be deceiving loud to your surrounding neighbors. There are ways to party proof your apartment for all sorts of disasters, but there are also some ways to easily noise proof your place to avoid unhappy neighbors. Sharing walls with other tenants can be tricky, and you definitely do not want to be known as a partier especially if you’re just innocently watching a movie. Apartment Therapy has some great ideas on how to be a better neighbor and soundproof your apartment!

Get rid of unwanted background noises:

Every electronic device from the oven to your phone to your air conditioner makes some sort of noise. Although these aren’t usually the types of noises that your neighbors will complain about, they can add to the overall sound level of your apartment. Without even noticing, you may turn up the TV to drown out these certain noises. So checking out where these devices are will change what types of sounds are coming out of your apartment.

Consider soundproofing your laundry room:

Your washer and dryer are two of the loudest appliances in your home. If you don’t have doors to close this area (or even if you do), consider adding some absorbent material like insulation or acoustic paneling. But if your machines really are that loud, you may want to consider upgrading to a more silent and energy efficient model.

Change up your TV/speaker location:

Many subwoofers actually have speakers that point downwards, which can cause unwanted floor shaking. If you live in close quarters and have your TV set up in the corner, the bass is booming in all directions just inches away from shared walls. Moving your subwoofer away from a shared wall can help reduce uninvited vibrating sounds next door or down below. Try placing an area rug or a sound isolation riser under your speakers to help alleviate some extra noise.

Not all of us are able to make modifications to rooms and walls to reduce our noise levels. But being conscious of where you put your furniture and noise-making appliances can definitely help. Also, filling up your space with furniture and other pieces can help absorb some extra sounds. If you’re planning a party or a particularly loud night, try using weather-stripping foam tape around the top and sides of the door frame to create a seal that will limit noise coming through the door. How do you soundproof your apartment? Let us know in the comments below!

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