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Did you find an awesome laminate bookshelf or dresser while you were out thrift shopping for your apartment space? Or how about that ‘antique’ armoire you just don’t want to get rid of? We all have a piece of furniture in our home that holds oh-so-many memories. The only problem is its beauty rests on the inside of the furniture, rather than the outside. No worries! Follow these five simple steps to give your laminate furniture a makeover with just a little sanding and a nice paint job.

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1. Choose a piece of furniture that deserves a fabulous makeover. After you have made your selection, start by removing any doors, drawers, and shelves. You want to make sure these next few steps are as easy as possible.

2. Using a 220 grit sandpaper, sand the entire surface where paint will be applied, not missing a single square inch. Smooth the surface until you start to see small specks of white, removing all of the shine of the laminate. Be sure not to sand down to the pressed wood or plywood underneath the laminate, as this will ruin your surface.

3. Next, using a tack cloth, wipe down the sanded areas of the furniture, making sure the surface is as smooth as possible. You do not want any dust particles mixing in with your paint.

4. Now it is time for the primer. Using a sponge roller and paint brush, apply one coat of primer to your surface. Let the primer dry and cure for seven days. Do not rush your paint job because not allowing the primer to cure will cause your paint to scratch easily.

paint roller with white paint and a commode
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5. Once your primer has sat for seven days, apply your fancy paint. Two coats will do, but let the first coat dry overnight before applying the second coat. To finish off your lovely piece of furniture, you can apply a polyurethane coat, which will make your paint job all the more resistant to scratches.

A little elbow grease and paint can go a long way! Now that you have these five easy steps to refinish laminate furniture pieces in your apartment, do you have plans to give your space a DIY makeover?

Source: http://makelyhome.com/how-to-paint-laminate-furniture/

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  1. Stephanie McDonnell says:
    Thanks for this tutorial. Question: Can you use spray primer or does it need to be rolled on?
    • Hi there, they actually make a primer in a spray paint. How cool is that!?! Best of luck! Please come back and post a picture when you are done, we’d love to see your project.

  2. furnituregeeks says:
    Thanks for these tips. This is really beautiful.
  3. Damin Martin says:
    Really helpful tips. Thanks for sharing.
    I will use these tips for my furniture.
  4. Painting a furniture has been too much necessary to protect a furniture for a long time. Thanks for sharing your valuable view.

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