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During your college years, you are going to be swamped with homework, tests, and projects that are all due in the same week. You may feel like it isn’t possible to accomplish all your school work when you still need to attend a couple two-hour classes during the week and handle other obligations as a college student. If this is the case for you, pulling an all-nighter might be the only option. So, here are four steps to survive the long, dreadful nights that may be coming your way.

Choose the right work environment

If you are living with roommates, working at home will not be the prime location to get everything done. It is important to choose the right work environment that will provide the least amount of distractions. Your college campus library is the optimal choice because it’s not like a high school where the librarians are constantly telling the students to “Shhh!!” It’s actually a very quiet and calm place to focus and possibly get everything done at a more effective pace.

Take short breaks

This will save you while trying to pull an all-nighter this semester. To help, set alarms on your phone or tablet to take a few breaks throughout the night. During these breaks, get up and move around your area. Being active will help your body stay awake and keep you from falling asleep and drooling over your books. Not only should you be active, eat small snacks and make sure you have plenty of water. You would be surprised how staying hydrated can help you keep your eyes open longer. Eat snacks such as nuts, fruits, and protein bars.  

Get rid of distractions

Keep any unnecessary electronics out of reach during this time, especially your phone. If you have ‘break time’ alarms set, then put it on the end of the table and set it on vibrate. We all know that our phones are a big contributor to failing to stay focused. When you are on your computer, it might be a good idea to logout of all social media accounts. This will help resist the temptation of browsing endlessly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The less distracted you are, the more work you will accomplish and the sooner the all nighter will be over!

Be prepared

The most important tip in pulling an all-nighter is to come to your work space prepared! A few ways to come prepared is get enough sleep the night prior, eat a hearty breakfast, take any quick naps, and make sure that you have all of your materials organized and ready to go. This will keep you less stressed during the night.

As for recovery from this long night, make sure to hit the bed and recharge by catching up on some Zzz’s. This is so you don’t go into sleep deprivation and get completely thrown off your sleep schedule. With these four tips, you will become a master at pulling an all-nighter during your college years in no time!

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