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As you know, For Rent Media Solutions is environmentally friendly. Our efforts have extended not only to the paper our magazine is printed on, but also within our own office! So to help you do your part, we’ve complied a few tips to help your office be on it’s way too!

  1. Have a recycling coordinator. This person in your office would be in charge for arranging the collections, placement of the bins, public awareness, etc. Choose a person who actually cares about recycling and who would see it through.

  1. Organize the collection process. The recycling coordinator needs to find out how the recyclable materials will be disposed of. Whether it’s an employee who delivers the recyclable materials to a recycling center or your janitorial staff collecting it, make sure there is a process in place!


  1. Get Recycling Bins. In order for your employees to recycle, there needs to be a place for them to leave the items. When you find bins to use, make sure they are clearly labeled for what items go in it. (I.e. Aluminum Cans) And I would advise you to tell your employees (or have it written on the bin) that the items need to be cleaned first!

  1. Consider the location! First off, you’ll want to have multiple bins for your office to ensure maximum participation. Use central locations such as break rooms, office work rooms, etc.


  1. Announce the program. What good is having a recycling program in place, if your co-workers don’t even know about it! Make sure you announce the program to everyone and let them know the benefits of having it. Send out reminder emails occasionally too so they’ll keep it on their mind!


Now you know some tips of how to create an office recycling program, here is the fun part-incentive! Make this a competition with co-workers. Have them compete for “Recycler of the Month” or have departments compete for a party each quarter! See how many participants you get then!!


Source: www.greengiftguide.com

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