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Until quite recently, apartment renters near and far were somewhat limited in terms of pet-friendly housing, with most apartment communities only welcoming the occasional cat into the faction. With the turn of a new generation, the apartment lifestyle took a much more positive turn. Dog lovers can now dwell in peace between the walls of a blissful apartment community, their lovable pups in tow. But what about training your puppy to fit into apartment life? After all, it is quite different in many ways. Here’s our guide to shopping for the best breed, puppy proofing, potty training and much more, all of which is geared toward renters.

Apartment Tip: Find the Perfect Pup for Your Dwelling Space

Finding an apartment-friendly breed is the key element to enjoying a tranquil transition. Some of you may be limited by weight and/or breed restrictions that already exist in your lease. Even if you’re not confined by the fine print, it might still be in your best interest to opt for a small to medium-sized pooch with a fairly friendly reputation. Some examples include:

Miniature or full-sized dachshunds
English bulldogs
Boston terriers
Cocker spaniels
Japanese Chins
Shih tzus

Before you enter a pet shop and fall madly in love with some special schnauzer, be honest with yourself about your living situation. Think about the amount of available space you have, the amount of foot traffic you’d expect per day and the number of nearby pet-friendly facilities you can access. If you’re surrounded by dog spas and groomers, a high-maintenance pup with a compliant personality is ideal. If, on the other hand, you have plenty of space but few grooming options, you might want to seek out a low-maintenance pup with abundant energy. No matter what, a kid-friendly pooch is your best bet in any apartment community.

Puppy Proofing: An Apartment Resident’s Playbook

Puppy proofing in a house is one thing, but apartments pose unique challenges your pet will need to be vetted for. The steps below should help:

#1. Store clutter out of reach: Keep all the fun stuff (cords, money, candy, trash, etc.) either up high or in a cabinet where your puppy won’t be able to get into it.

#2. Take a minimalist approach: Minimalism is a wildly popular apartment trend for good reason; it frees up space. The less clutter you have, the more space your puppy can enjoy. This is incredibly important since puppies are way more energetic than adult dogs. Even if you plan regular trips to the bark park, you’ll still have those days where you find your puppy chasing its tail from one end of the apartment to the other, so try to keep those hallways clear.

#3. Give your pet a personal space: If you train your pet to remain in a certain area of the apartment, you’ll be setting a much-needed boundary. Make this space as welcoming as possible by filling it with toys and goodies.

#4. Train your puppy to bark once in passing: This apartment tip is geared toward those of you who really do want a guard dog but not at the expense of your residency. It’s fairly easy to train your puppy to bark once and only once at each passerby and/or unexpected sound. One bark can serve as an alert system. More than one bark could be construed as a disturbance.

#5. Know your toxins: Be sure you have a full understanding of potentially toxic products you might have lying around your place. Things like chocolate and certain soaps and plants could be harmless to humans but poisonous to puppies.

Potty Training Apartment-Style

All of the aforementioned steps were mapped out specifically to aid you in the apartment potty training process, which can be quite a daunting task due to the lack of space. No worries, though, if you go with the right breed and designate a specific pet zone within your residence; potty training is simply a matter of adorning your doggie’s special spot with puppy pads and setting up a stern potty schedule. Bonus: Apartments are loaded with friendly neighbors, many of whom are pet lovers themselves. If you’re juggling work, school and a social life, don’t be afraid to knock on a few doors and find out if there’s a dog walker available to help out in your building.

Are you all set to move into a pet-friendly apartment community? Enjoy a stress-free and successful move by following these awesome apartment lifestyle tips.

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  1. Silas Knight says:
    I love puppies. I just moved into a new apartment, and might get a new puppy, so this is helpful information to know. I like the idea of Minimalism in the apartment, as that will free up space for the pup.

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