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Adding Color HERO IMAGE

Adding color to your home is a great way to personalize your space. Unfortunately, painting walls can be time-consuming, messy and against your lease agreement. That doesn’t mean you have to live in a black and white movie, though. Using painted furniture or vibrant, upholstered furniture is a great way to add color into your home in a much less committed fashion than painting your walls, and I have a few favorite ways of doing this.


Using paint to update seating gives you some unexpected flare in small doses. You can take an old wooden chair that may have caught your eye at a thrift store or is already at home but seems to have seen its last dinner party and paint it a fun color to give it a totally new look.

This orange chair is paired with a small, antique secretary desk, giving it a more modern feel and some added interest.


Sometimes you are lucky enough to find a piece you love that is already painted the perfect color for your home. This ‘50s kitchen stool was a flea market find that made such a great addition to my kitchen that I built a breakfast bar to suit its size.


With the wood and white wall, this spunky chair was just what the kitchen needed.

Large Anchor Pieces

Every room has the typical large furniture pieces. Bedrooms have bureaus, kitchens have tables and living rooms need somewhere for our ever-growing televisions to sit. Using color on a large piece can be impactful and anchor the room’s design.

This living room uses shades of blue and orange to create a cohesive look. The media console in navy continues that look while not being too overwhelming.


Colors used on anchor pieces can be neutral as well. This dining room sideboard adds contrast from the white wall, but the muted color allows it to blend in and not overtake the space. This can be very important if you are working with a small room.

Adding Color SIDEBOARD

Small Accent Pieces

Accent tables or small side tables are another great way to add bold colors because they aren’t overwhelming.

Do you love some crazy colors? Well, grab some paint and perk your home up with that out-of-the-box color you love. Add it to the back of a bookcase or the legs of a stool.

You could even paint an entry table with an inviting tone, add some coordinating decorations and create a fun greeting place for your guests.


Upholstered Furniture

Finally, let’s address upholstered furniture. This is not only a great place to add color but pattern as well.

Couches don’t have to be brown or grey. Upholstered furniture is just another chance to express your color love.

Adding Color COUCH

If you already have a neutral couch and love it, try adding a throw and some eye-catching pillows that spruce it up and give it a fresh feel.

No matter how you choose to decorate your home, make it tell your story even if you prefer it be told in black and white.

Trying to find the right color for your home? Here are some top trending colors for 2016.

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