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We love our kitchen; it always seems to be the gathering place of the home. Because the kitchen is where everyone ends up, often times it’s also the place that gets messy the fastest. With that in mind, look at these simple organizational tips collected from HomeOrganizationHelp.

Counter Tops

Typically, too many articles are kept on countertops. Keeping everything out makes your kitchen look cluttered and chaotic. A good rule of thumb is to only keep items on your countertop that you use more than once a week. If so, the item can stay out; otherwise find a place to store it out of sight.

Junk Drawers

I know it has the name “junk drawer”, but it can still be organized. Use small baskets or cups to manage small items and group larger items together. Try to find a system that works for you so you can get in and out of the junk drawer quickly.

Vertical Storage

Every kitchen can use more storage and what better way than to go vertical! There are many ways to take your storage up and out of the way. Some great ideas include: pot racks, magnetic knives holder and magnetic spice racks for your refrigerator.

Following these simple steps will get you from messy and miserable to organized and happy in no time flat. For more great ideas on organizing your place visit the ForRent.com Apartment Organization page.


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