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When it comes to New Year’s Eve, everyone is inclined to think big. That’s great, but when it comes to food, thinking small is a better bet. A New Year’s Eve menu full of appetizers or entrée items served bite-sized is the way to go because it gives guests the ability to chow down, drink a beverage and mingle, all at the same time.  You want to avoid spills right? Bite-sized foods also allow you to provide a bigger variety so you will be sure to have something that will please everyone’s tastes.


Mini foods are not only convenient for you and your guests, but they also allow you to be creative and make your event into anything that you want it to be.  For a more laid back event, go with dips and casual foods such as mini hamburgers, quesadillas, pinwheels and the like. If you are going for a more upscale affair, the sky is the limit. Search online for recipes such as canapés and tapas, or get creative and think of ways to “shrink” your favorite dishes.  For example, if you wanted to go with something like prime rib with horseradish sauce, you could simply cut the meat into bite-sized pieces that can be easily skewered, and then serve the sauce in individual cups. Using shot glasses for individual desserts and soups is also a great idea for parties.  You can do this with virtually any dish, just be creative.


When you plan your menu, just think about portability and convenience for your guests. Whatever you serve, you want to make sure your guests are still enjoying themselves, not trying to figure out how to eat without wearing their food, or more importantly, keeping it off your furniture.


Photo by:  Yes Becky


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