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Firefly Mason Jar DIY ForRent.com

Are you looking for a unique and whimsical way to add some mood lighting to your outdoor space? I have just the quick craft project for you! This DIY requires only three supplies and will take you all of 15 minutes to put together. When you are finished, you will have adorable lanterns that look like you have caught fireflies in a Mason jar!

Firefly Mason Jars Materials ForRent.com

To make a firefly lantern, you will need a Mason jar, adhesive mounting dots, and a string of miniature LED lights.

Firefly Mason Jars LED Lights ForRent.com

These teeny LED lights were one of my favorite craft supply discoveries of 2013. They are made by FloraCraft and can be used in so many projects! You can see from the picture how tiny the LED lights are, but they still pack a pretty decent punch of light. The strand of lights are operated by a twisting on/off mechanism and powered by a watch-style battery. The flexible wire strand can be wrapped around craft projects AND the lights are fully submersible in liquid, so you could even add them to vases of flowers. For our purposes, the fact that they are waterproof makes these lights a perfect addition to your outdoor lighting.

Firefly Mason Jars Add Adhesive Dot ForRent.com

Begin by adding an adhesive mounting dot to the center of the underside of the Mason jar lid. Peel just one side of the backing off and position the dot as close to center as possible. These dots are meant to be permanent, but I have not tested how well they withstand water. If it comes loose after being exposed to the elements, you can easily replace it with another dot.

Firefly Mason Jars Add LED String ForRent.com

Remove the remaining paper backing and press the battery pack portion of the LED strand onto the adhesive dot. Press firmly to secure it in place. You will still be able to twist the mechanism on and off, just be careful not to twist the battery pack right off the Mason jar lid. The adhesive dot will hold the battery pack in place so that it is mostly out of view.

Firefly Mason Jars Replace Mason Jar Lid ForRent.com

Wind the strand of LED lights into the Mason jar and replace the lid. Even though I took this photo in the middle of the day, you can still see how brightly the miniature LED lights shine.

Firefly Mason Jars Illuminated Jars ForRent.com

As the day ends and skies get darker, the LED lights will seem to shine even more brightly and the wires will become less apparent. Place the jars on a bistro table or patio set to create some lighthearted ambiance in your outdoor space.

Firefly Mason Jar Nighttime ForRent.com

I designed this project to look like fireflies caught in a jar, but you could easily adapt it for other purposes. Since the lights are submersible in water, you could add some fresh citrus into the jar with the lights and fill the jar with water. Replace only the ring of the Mason jar lid and add fresh flowers to the jar. Now you have a gorgeous floral centerpiece to display at your next alfresco dinner party.

Alternatively, you could wrap twine around the neck of the Mason jar, looping the twine to make a handle. Hang several of these jars from your apartment balcony or from the low-hanging branches of a tree in your yard.

For more DIY ideas that are perfect for small space living, visit ForRent.com’s DIY section!

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  1. Amy Demel says:
    I love this! Thank you. I’m making some for my sister in laws wedding shower. But where can I find the tiny light strands?

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