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Small bathrooms are a nightmare — plain and simple. Especially when we’re all out here trying to channel our inner Jaclyn Hill, yet we don’t have enough space on our counter for our eight different highlighters and four different foundations. Life. Is. Tough. On top of this, we want our space to look as stylish as possible. There’s just something glamorous (insert Fergie singing here) about getting ready in a space that is entirely your own and represents you. You can’t get your best look in a place that makes you cringe. So, as someone who maybe* has too much makeup and not enough space for it, as well as someone who is all about her ~*aesthetic*~, here are some essentials for you fit for your cozy apartment bathroom.

* jk, the limit does not exist.

Makeup Box Organizer

One word: lifesaver. To save space on your tiny counter, use one of these bad boys. No more crowded counter space filled with 12 different eyeshadow palettes (a girl needs options, ok??), 20+ lipsticks, and four different types of mascara. You can now have them all organized in one spot. Can I get an amen?

Tic-Tac Container/Mason Jars

Okay, HEAR ME OUT. Empty out a Tic-Tac container, and fill it up with your endless amount of bobby pins. It helps save space on your counter AND lowers your chances of (inevitably) losing them. If you want to get even fancier, which I know you do, you can use clear (or pastel painted!!) mason jars to put your hair accessories in. You’ll probably still lose those bobby pins because I’m convinced, they literally just get up and run away. It doesn’t matter how many you buy, they will more than likely all be gone at the end of the month. RIP bobby pins, RIP.

Lighting, lighting, and lighting

Small bathrooms aren’t the best, sure, but there are ways of making them totally adorable. Lighting is key. So with that being said, you can either make a cute DIY lighting vanity (hit up Pinterest for all your DIY needs), or you can get a cute (& cheap!!) lamp from either Walmart or Target to light up your space.


Since you’ve saved so much space thanks to your handy dandy makeup box organizer and mason jars, you now need to decorate your space to add some flair to your sanctuary bathroom. So, whether that be your favorite candle or some polaroids of you and your besties, add them in there to liven the place up and make it your own little fashion station.

Christmas Lights

So I know I talked about lighting, but Christmas lights aren’t so much for lighting that you’ll be using to make sure that your foundation matches your face, but more to create a cool ambiance or, dare I say it, nice vibe in your bathroom/makeup safe haven. These lights are cheap and add so much to a room.

Floral arrangements

It’s not much, but get yourself a floral arrangement in your bathroom to add a pop of color. It’s simple but adds some class to your area that helps show your guests that you’ve moved on from your Claire’s makeup days, and you have now matured into your Kim K makeup stage of life.

Makeup Brush Holders & Cleaners

With all that makeup comes a lot of different brushes that each have a very specific, and important, job to do. So of course, it’s 100% necessary to have a nice brush holder as well as a space to put your cleaning utensils for them because dirty brushes create a problem. Don’t even risk it.

See, with a little personal touch, creating your own magical makeup space is pretty simple and it is guaranteed to encourage you to spend a little more time on yourself too. While you’re working on your bathroom decor, consider adding some of these tips for a spa-like space.

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  1. Ooh I just looked at Pinterest and found some amazing ideas for a DIY vanity.

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