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Okay, so I’m pretty sure a lot of you have seen Elf starring Will Ferrell. If so, you should have quite a bit to comment about, but let me put my two cents in first.


The basic story line is this: A human orphan is raised as an elf in Santa’s workshop for thirty years before he finds out he’s not really an elf! Once he finds out the truth, he decides to go on a journey to New York to meet his father (James Caan) and spread around holiday cheer. Buddy the Elf, ‘What’s your Favorite Color?’ is played by Will Ferrell who is willing to do absolutely anything to get a laugh including a breakfast feast that would make anyone’s stomach ache. And the child-like imagination of Buddy will have you laughing continuously in scenes such as: taking gum off the railings of New York’s subways, waving to people hailing taxies, and getting that ‘Special Someone’ the perfect gift! It is what makes us all think twice about how an outsider may view our ways of living. And I wouldn’t be spoiling the movie to say that on his journey Buddy falls in love with a girl (Zooey Deschanel), reconciles with his dad, and finds a way to save Christmas.


I give Elf two thumbs up! I loved it. The untainted spirit of Buddy the Elf is something this world could use a lot more of. His unconditional love and forgiveness of others is something I wish I possessed. And of course the true meaning of this movie and so many others during the holiday season is you just have to believe. Family and teenagers alike should love this movie! I know it’s definitely one of my Christmas Classics!

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