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On Wednesday night, ABC’s Family Channel showed “I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”. Being my first time seeing this movie, I thought I’d give you my opinion of it.


Of course if you have heard the song you know the story line. A little boy sees his mother kissing Santa Claus. What the boy doesn’t know is the Santa Claus he saw was really his father dressed up in a Santa suit. So Justin, the little boy, decides he must stop Santa from stealing his mom! With a little encouragement from his best friend he figures that in order to stop Santa from coming to his house, he must behave really badly! The resulting pranks include throwing snowballs at a street Santa, a whirl-wind mall fiasco and a ‘Home Alone’ styled booby-trap outside his house.


If you want to relive your innocent child-like view of Christmas, then you should see this movie! Justin, played by twin actors Cole and Dylan Sprouse (‘Suite Life of Zach & Cody and ‘Big Daddy’), was especially cute and his over-the-top ‘naughtiness’ will make you chuckle. While it’s not one of my favorite Christmas movies, I’d watch it again for the wholesome family value.


Hope you enjoy it!

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