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Tuesday night on ABC’s Family Channel was Jack Frost, the cartoon version. This was my first time seeing this movie, so I thought I’d share my opinion on it!



Jack Frost is apart of the Christmas Cartoon Classics (with Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer & Santa Claus is Coming to Town). The story line was actually cute for children’s Christmas movie. Jack Frost asks Father Winter if he can become human so he can be with a woman. Father Winter allows this temporarily, but if Jack wants to stay human permanently he has to get a house, a bag of gold, a horse and a wife. The entire movie is about Jack trying to attain these items by overcoming many obstacles, such as doing it in a 24 hour time frame and defeating a mean king!



I think Jack Frost is a great family movie. I particularly enjoyed the animation and upbeat story line, but don’t expect anything further than that. It’s a great for entertaining children, but it won’t be on my list of Christmas Classics.

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