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Friday night I watched “Polar Express,” a movie I heard a great deal about last Christmas but never got around to watching. Here’s a brief synopsis of the story and then, of course, my opinions.


The movie starts out with a young boy lying in his bed, and he seems to be skeptical about his belief in Santa. Suddenly, the walls of his room begin to shake and a huge train has just pulled up to the front of his house. The conductor, voice of Tom Hanks, asks the little boy if he would like to come aboard the Polar Express to go to the North Pole, where seeing is believing. Along the boy’s journey he meets many friends, including a hobo who rides on top of the train.


Several events occur throughout the movie, including tracking down a little girl’s lost ticket and the train spinning out-of-control on a frozen lake. These incidents are so numerous that they actually become tiresome. Their journey is concluded when they finally arrive to see Santa and the magic of the movie is recaptured.


Despite the tedious, never-ending events on the train ride to see Santa, I would recommend watching this movie. The special effect animation is truly amazing and the overwhelming holiday spirit is what kept me engaged. It was truly a captivating holiday movie.

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