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I watched “Santa Baby” the other night on ABC’s Family Channel, apart of the 25 Day’s ‘til Christmas special. So here’s a little movie review for those of you who haven’t seen it or would like to. Don’t worry, I’m not going to give away too much information….you still have to see it!


Mary Class, played by Jenny McCarthy, is a smart, capable, hardworking business woman in the Big Apple (New York City). She has her own consulting firm and is kicking butt! And as soon as her business takes on a huge project, her mom calls to say that her dad has had a heart attack. Mary hops on a plane to go home and help. But where is home? Why, the North Pole of course because Mary’s father is the real Santa and Mary’s actual last name is Claus!!


With Santa in bed wearing his p.j’s, Mary eagerly decides she must take over for her father until after the holidays. Otherwise Christmas is in jeopardy for everyone! Using her executive skills, Mary begins modernizing the toy making process. She turns the mail room into a data-processing center, changes the shapes of candy canes and even tries to replace the notorious elves with machines!! Her father, Santa, however does not approve at all (and we think she’s gone a bit overboard too). He believes things should stay the same; after all, it’s worked his way for centuries. Of course the plot thickens with a love story between Mary’s old flame Luke, who lives in Polaris, and her conflicting feelings for her current boyfriend from New York.


The story really explains a father and daughter’s journey to understand each other better and settle the differences that initially drove them apart. With the comedic actress McCarthy playing Mary, the first ever woman Santa, this movie is truly a cute spin on a Christmas tale and teaching us all lessons of love, forgiveness and respect! I give it a thumbs up! You should absolutely watch it this holiday season!

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