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You are no longer a freshman. Long gone are the days of being the newbie at Temple University. Sure, Mitchell and Hilarie Morgan Hall are new and updated, but already, even these dorms are getting way too crowded. Philadelphia has way more to offer and living off of Temple’s campus has never been easier thanks to ForRentUniversity.com. Have you planned it all out? Do you need to find a roommate? What about saving money, have you saved? We have all of the basic apartment tips to make your move an easy one.

Temple University Off Campus

Apartment Basics:

There are many things to consider when you are looking for your first apartment, especially for a college student. For starters, make sure that you have created a budget so that you don’t over extend yourself and owe even more money on top of your student loans. Also, make sure that your priorities are straight in terms of which amenities are necessary vs. amenities you would like to have. Remember that you are still a student at Temple and finances can get tight real quick. This makes knowing your budget that much more important. It’s also important to understand the lease you will be signing. If you want your security deposit back, it’s important you don’t break any of the agreements within the lease. You should also begin looking at renters insurance to have a safety net in case the worst ever happens.

Temple University - Off Campus

Apartment Lifestyle:

Furnishing your apartment doesn’t mean you have to go bankrupt. Investigate all of your local thrift stores. Robinson’s Urban Thrift and the University Thrift Shop, just to name a few, are great places right beside Temple’s campus where you can find deals. It is always priced low and sometimes you can find some hidden gems in these stores. When looking at furniture, consider how it will be used. Are you going to throw a lot of parties, or do you stay at home most weekends? Will this giant couch fit in my small den? Location is always an important factor. Would you still like to be close to Temple’s campus? You could live right off PA Route 611 or near Columbia Field and be within walking distance to anywhere on campus. Or maybe you love the water and want to get closer to the Schuylkill River? As with anything, it’s all about planning ahead. Stay within your budget and look into what will fit your lifestyle.

Temple University - Off Campus

Finding a Roommate:

If you are lucky, you have a group of friends that are also ready to make the move off-campus with you. However, life isn’t always perfect and you may have to find roommates on your own so that your monthly costs go down. But where do you begin? Social media seems to be the newest and easiest method. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many other social networking sites now have boards and communities specifically designed for roommate hunting. However, if you prefer to meet in person, going to the Howard Gittis Student Center on campus is a great place to meet up with fellow students and meet new potential roommates.

Moving off-campus is just another step towards growing up. Dorm life is great and all, but sometimes you have to get away from your Temple RA and find your own space. Find your next adventure at Temple University with ForRentUniversity.com!

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