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Calling all renters – ForRent.com wants to hear your moving moments! Are you still searching for your new apartment, currently in the midst of moving or just settling into your new place? Simply visit the ForRent.com Facebook page and share your moving story by May 1, 2013, for your chance to win $1,000. The winner will be publicly announced on or around May 1st. See the official rules for details.

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ForRent.com encourages you to discover you, starting where you live – so be creative and be yourself! Looking for inspiration? Be sure to browse the Apartment Living Blog for ideas and share your Moving Moments experience today. Good luck to all participants!

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Hello! I’m Jiney, a Social Media Coordinator for ForRent.com since January 2013 as well as a renter for the past few years. I want to provide you with interesting and useful articles that will help make your apartment life experience a lot better. When I’m not at work writing blogs or social media updates, you can assume I’m within 10 ft of a computer surfing the Internet for funny clips and music on YouTube, watching streams, or shopping online!



  1. Moving can be such a drag but many unexpected things can happen that can change your life!
  2. I have just moved to Atlanta from
    Michigan and I didn’t want to make my
    story public but I moved because I was
    In a domestic situation and I have four
    children I am staying with my cousin
    here and Me and my children are
    sleeping on the floor in a one bedroom
    apartment I just got a job working at an
    assisted living facility and I am looking
    for a three bedroom apartment one of
    my daughters is still in Michigan with
    my sister and she will be moving to
    Atlanta with Me in June my cousin
    whom I’m staying with is moving as well
    the end of may and I have to find a place
    to stay by then I went to school and got
    my Cna certification here and I’ve made
    alot of progress all I need is an
    apartment this would help me and my
    children out tremendously.. I am praying
    that im selected for sharing my moving
    story if I don’t get an apartment I will
    have to move back to Michigan where
    my ex resides because I have no where
    to go and I don’t want to be in that
    situation anymore I pray that me and my
    kids are selected because we came here
    with nothing I left all my things all I
    Brought was a bin of clothes and got on
    the bus I have no furniture to move or no
    beds and we are really in a bad situation
    my kids keep asking when are we going
    to get our own place and I can’t answer
    because I don’t know I believe I was sent
    this email from God because he sees
    that im trying I have bought a car I came
    here in February when I received me
    income taxes and left and I couldn’t take
    my older daughter because she is still in
    school I have twins that are four and I
    have a 14month old with me here and
    we all sleep in the living room on the
    floor all my funds are gone because I
    bought a car and got my kids clothes
    and their necessities…. I am a strong
    woman im a single parent and I have no
    help with my kids I pray that you find it
    in your hearts to help me and my family
    and bless us with an apartment. We
    really need it thanks for hearing my story
    and here is a picture of my children and
    me have a blessed day!
    • Thanks so much for stopping by the ForRent.com Facebook page and sharing your moving story! Please make sure that you have entered your story on our contest app, so that you are entered to win the $1,000 grand prize! It’s quick and easy and can be found here: http://on.fb.me/12Iw515. Good luck and thank you for using ForRent.com!

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