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Need more storage, but are short on space? Incorporating multi-functional furniture is a great solution to help maximize space. ForRent.com suggests using one or all of the following suggestions to help you get started with a clutter-free and organized apartment!

1.       Ottomans

Not only does an ottoman function as extra guest seating, but they are handy for stashing away items like DVD’s, game controllers, blankets and much more. I recommend picking one with a top cushion that flips over into a mini serving table for an extra perk!

2.       Coffee & End Tables

Consider coffee tables, end tables, and even night stands with extra storage space and drawers underneath. In addition to using the tabletop to put down a book or your coffee mug, use them to hide items not being used, such as magazines under your coffee table, extra batteries or reading glass case.

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3.       Expandable Dining Tables

Foldable tables can expand to serve additional guests for those special occasions. Hosting dinner for two or six guests? You’ll always be prepared! Go the extra mile and consider a table model that includes storage space in the middle “leg”; this is great for storing extra china and wine bottles.  In addition to foldable tables, go for stackable chairs – they tend to take up less space so you can make room for Pilates and yoga without bumping into anything.

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4.       Trunks & Benches

Compared to boxes, trunks are very eco-friendly, so going green on your next move is easy. A storage bench is also a great multi-functional furniture piece.  You can use either to store your shoes, seasonal clothing, or for seating to put on your socks and shoes.

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5.       Wall Beds (“Murphy” Beds)

Living in a small space like a studio can get cramped, especially while sleeping, entertaining, and eating all in the same room. A Murphy bed may just be the answer you are looking for. If you are unfamiliar with this solution, a Murphy bed is a bed that you can pull up and down from the wall. This way you can use it when you are sleeping and put it away when you are entertaining guests. Most iconically used for Caroline’s sleeping arrangements in 2 Broke Girls. If you can’t afford a wall bed, consider a bed frame with storage cubbies and drawers underneath.

We hope these ideas help you discover more space in your apartment. If you have additional tips or advice, we’d love to hear them! For more related articles and great ideas, check out our infographic on maximizing space in your apartment and our apartment living guide.



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  1. Lucky Renter says:
    Great tips here. I especially love the foldable tables that include storage space in the middle leg. Do you have any recommendations on good brands that sell that type of furniture by chance? Thanks for the help!
  2. I want to have a storage facility to store furniture.
  3. Edora@ Storage Furniture says:
    Oh its fantastic idea! Your storage do not effect on room splendor.

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