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Many of our favorite Marvel characters are based in New York City. If you’re apartment hunting like a superhero, check out the details of these NYC superspots.

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Peter Parker grew up in Aunt May’s house in the Forest Hills neighborhood of Queens. It costs $2,600 per month.

Spider-Man’s long-time studio apartment in Chelsea is at 410 Chelsea St., right off 8th Avenue. Outside of the Marvel universe, there isn’t a Chelsea Street in Manhattan, only one in Staten Island. Likely, Peter’s apartment was on 18th or 19th Street near the intersection of 8th Avenue. Today, Peter would pay $3,800 per month, but in 1974, Peter paid $110 a month.

In Spider-Man 2, Peter moved to the Lower East Side. The five-story building at 187 Chrystie St. has 15 units. Rent costs $2,550 per month.

Matt Murdock’s one-bedroom loft in Hell’s Kitchen has exposed brick and huge floor-to-ceiling windows. It’s a spacious corner apartment on the eighth floor of a high-rise building. In the comic books, the apartment was outfitted with a secret workshop, lab and gym, all accessible through a movable bookcase. Unfortunately, a neon billboard shines directly into the large living room windows. Murdock is blind, so the sign doesn’t matter to him, and he got the unrentable apartment at a discount. The typical cost is $3,000, but with a 30% discount, rent would be $2,100.

The apartment is excellently located for an easy commute. Nelson & Murdock law offices are also located in Hell’s Kitchen but were filmed in Brooklyn at 363 S. 4th St.

Luke Cage
Luke Cage’s studio apartment in Harlem is above Genghis Connie’s Chinese Restaurant. The fictional location was filmed in Washington Heights for exterior shots. Owned by Connie and Jin Lin of the restaurant, the building was destroyed by a rocket launcher. The apartment rents at $2,100 per month, or if you’re a Marvel superhero who uses superhuman strength to protect your property manager, you might not be charged any rent at all.

Luke’s Bar is in Hell’s Kitchen but was filmed in the East Village at the corner of 7th Street and Avenue B. Does it look familiar? You might be remembering it from The Godfather: Part II.

Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones’ one-bedroom in Hell’s Kitchen is at 485 W. 46th St. on the fifth floor. Its features include high ceilings, built-in bookcases, crown moldings and a fireplace. It’s her home-based office for Alias Investigations. Exterior shots were filmed in the Upper West Side at 217 W. 101st St. The pre-war building looks rough on the outside but has been upgraded with an elevator. Unfortunately, she needs an exterminator to deal with a cockroach infestation.The apartment costs $2,600 per month.

Kilgrave’s penthouse is in Tribeca at 144 Duane St. In 2013, it sold for $43 million — the most expensive apartment sale in Manhattan that year.

Dr. Strange
Known as the Sanctum Sanctorum, the three-story Greenwich Village townhouse is located at 177A Bleecker St. The Victorian-style brownstone is at an epicenter of supernatural forces because it was built on the site of pagan sacrifices. Previous tenants included the Defenders and the New Avengers. The third floor is used for Strange’s meditation room and occult library. The top floor’s circular window, called the Seal of the Vishanti, provides protection from supernatural invaders.

A prime NYC rental, the exterior was magically disguised as an abandoned building with a construction announcement that a Starbucks is coming soon. The rental costs $3,600 per month. (Nerdy knowledge: For a short time, Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum appeared on Google Maps.)

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