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With the Oscar® Awards right around the corner, have you ever wondered how some actors got their start? Oakwood Toluca Hills is an apartment community dedicated to families with aspiring child actors. It’s true; Oakwood  has been home to many famous, and almost famous, Hollywood stars. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Frankie Muniz and Hilary Duff are living proof for residents that anything is possible.

From the outside, you would think that this is just a typical apartment community, but the dynamics here are quite unique. The majority of residents consist of mother and child, who leave the rest of their family at home to pursue their child’s career, oftentimes in a different state. Even with the sacrifice of living long distance, they are driven by a desire to give their son or daughter a chance to become successful in the acting industry.


Children practicing their acting skills. (The children pictured are not from Oakwood Toluca Hills).

Oakwood provides residents with attentive staff members, onsite drycleaners and hair salon, luxurious pools, whirlpool spas, two high-tech fitness centers including private trainers, and plenty of outdoor space to play basketball, volleyball and tennis. In addition to amenities, they hold orientation and lectures to educate newcomers on the entertainment business. For residents who are interested, Oakwood also offers a Child Actor Program, where professionals in the industry are invited to teach workshops such as “Crying on Cue”. Some will even provide on-site tutoring and complimentary classes.


One of the apartment community’s luxurious community pools. Whirlpool spa is included!

Are you interested in living the life of a star in Oakwood or Los Angeles, CA? Studio rooms at Oakwood Toluca Hills start from $2,000 a month. Being so close to many of the major studios like Universal Studios®, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc®, television news and TV show networks, Nickelodeon® and DreamWorks Animation LLC®; location seems to be a big factor. Even if you don’t have plans to move to Hollywood, you can still celebrate and party like an Oscar winner by hosting a movie awards party in your apartment!


Could you get a volley going at Oakwood’s tennis court?

What are your thoughts about Oakwood Toluca Hills? Is this somewhere you would live? Leave us a message below to let us know.

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